Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Home-made Little Squirt

Our cloth nappies have been going great guns. I’m still loving it, and definitely wouldn’t go back to disposables. Only problem is, with all this cruising and crawling business, our flushable liners have been wiggling around inside those nappies and failing at doing their job. Let’s just say there’s no point in a flushable liner if it doesn’t catch anything worth flushing.

So Peter and I had been talking for a while about investing in a little squirt. They’re a neat little invention.. a high-pressure hose with a spray-gun nozzle designed to attach to the cistern of the toilet and are used to wash the waste from cloth nappies straight into the toilet. Only problem is, what with saving for our big trip, we didn’t have an odd $75-$90 laying around spare to spend on a little squirt. I had the brainwave of making our own. I looked up some information online, and found some ideas. Pete and I had a look through them, and he came up with a list of things he thought he’d need to knock one together.

So today I headed to Bunnings, and with the help of a lovely gentleman named Garry, I found all our little bits and pieces and managed to get our own little squirt together. Pete connected it this afternoon, and it works perfectly. Only thing we need to do is cut the hose down a little bit.. don’t think we need it that long!

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Best thing of all?? It only cost me $25.00! (And a handy DIY-type hubby!).

If you’re interested, this is what I bought:

  • 1x13mm reinforced hose - $9.88
  • 1x Spray gun to fit hose - $3.99
  • 1x 1/2 inch threaded ‘T-junction’ - $3.43
  • 1x15mm nipple attachment (yes, plumbing can sound really dirty) - $1.78
  • 1x15mm by 13mm male hose end – 69c
  • 1x20mm by 13mm male hose end - $1.04
  • 2x 13-20mm hose clamps - $1.42
  • 1x roll plumbers tape - $1.89


  1. What a great idea!

    *Trots off to Bunnings*

  2. This is awesome. I also wanted a little squirt but can't find room in the budget. I need my hubby to make one.


Thank you!!


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