Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Aussie readers have no doubt heard about the major dust-storm that Sydney-siders awoke to this morning. By mid-morning it had arrived in Toowoomba, and we were thinking to ourselves how lucky we were to be on holidays in Noosa away from it all. But by 3pm the sky began to turn an eerie shade of orange and the dust arrived.

It’s nowhere near as bad as it has been further west or south of here, but it’s still creating a fairly bizarre atmosphere and a tickle in my nose.

September 09 00318 

Photo of the sun with my little point-and-shoot digital camera. It looked so weird!

September 09 00319

My parent’s street. You can usually see mountains in the background there.

If you want to see the worst of it, have a look at this youtube clip- someone captured over in Broken Hill.

How has it been where you are?

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  1. It's been disgusting here. We kept Lacey inside all day. I will be glad to start the day afresh tomorrow. x


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