Saturday, 29 August 2009

This is me

Stolen from Sarah at "Maybe Baby" (I hope you don't mind- I was bored and needed something to do!)

Making : a pram liner and some more nappies... because I can't help myself, and I got GIVEN some material!!!
Cooking : nada. We had a no dinner night after a late picnic lunch.
Drinking : water
Reading : 'As You Do' By Richard Hammond. Very funny.
Wanting : Some more of the semi-dried tomatoes and feta mix I got from the deli for our picnic today.
Looking : super sexy in my pyjamas. NOT!
Playing : footsies with my husband
Wasting : time that I possibly could be spending on uni work.
Sewing : nappies and a pram liner... and some skirts for Mayana, and a quilt I've been working on since I was pregnant. Many, many things.
Wishing : that there was a Starbucks in our town.
Enjoying : Half-watching a Harry Potter movie
Waiting : for my hubby to be ready for bed.
Liking : my daughter's new hobby of getting the giggles at random times for no apparent reason
Wondering : what the next week will bring
Loving : My life, with my incredible husband and gorgeous daughter. I'm a blessed woman.
Marvelling : at the amazing new skills Mayana learns every day. It's so cool to watch her learn.
Needing : A Throat Clear. My throat is all tickly and my voice disappearing.
Smelling : Not much. I can't actually smell anything at the moment.
Wearing : My pj's
Following : way too many blogs to keep up with properly. *sigh*
Noticing : how quickly my girl is 'growing up'. In only 4.5 months she'll be a year old!
Knowing : That I should treasure every singe second.
Thinking : That when this movie is finished I'm going to convince hubby it's bed time
Bookmarking : random pages that I think might be interesting to look at again. The latest being a blog with a video tutorial of a fail-proof way to sew bias binding.
Opening : 'Twitter' in a new window ;)
Giggling : at my daughter's new-found love of hommus. Read about it here
Feeling : Relaxed and content!

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  1. haha, no I don't mind that you stole my list Zoey, I'm sure I stole it from someone else! I'm just stunned that people are actually reading my blog :)


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