Sunday, 17 May 2009

Food, wine, arts and family

Today was a really lovely day.

After church (which was really good today), we spontaneously decided to head out to Hampton (just over 1/2 an hour away) for the annual Food, Wine & Arts festival.

I have decided I quite like a Sunday drive.

Mayana slept for most of the drive, and Pete and I chatted and held hands *sigh* .

The festival was lovely.. had a country market feel to it. Lots of little stalls with beautiful food, and wine tasting. Music being performed, people doing art demonstrations, entertainment.

We both really enjoyed it. Pete had Mayana in the Tomy sling, facing out, which she really loves. We can barely ever take more than two steps without being stopped and asked how old she is, told how tiny she is (*rolls eyes* – this can be hard to hear some days), and just being generally clucked over. She is a really, really, ridiculously good looking baby, even if I say so myself.

We tasted so much yummy food – jams and chutneys, gourmet muesli, oils, honey, fruit, breads, pestos, and even gourmet vinegar! (we bought one of those… and apple vinegar, beautiful can’t wait to use it on salads!) We also tasted a variety of semi-local wines, and some fruit ports and apple products – my favourites were probably the plum port and the jonothan apple and ginger juice… mmm

It was so nice to be walking around, the three of us, enjoying our surroundings and each other.

On the way home, we stopped at the Chocolate Cottage for afternoon tea. The Chocolate Cottage is a lovely place to visit.. has great food and drinks, and chocolate of course, but my favourite thing about it, is that it’s set on a beautiful grassy piece of property (the kind of grass that begs you to take your shoes off) with an incredible view. I love it! Peter had a ‘Pure Hot Chocolate’ (hot milk served with a mound of chocolate buttons, which you melt into it to your preferred strength) and I went back to my childhood and had a lemonade ice-cream spider.. yum! Mayana had a breastfeed, and eyed off my spider. She was totally wishing that spoon was heading her way!

The only unfortunate thing of the entire day, was that we were having so much fun, I completely neglected to take any photos…


  1. I had a lovely lunch with my boyfriend too. We went and bought a huge pot to replace the wine barrel/fish pond(it's rotting)and then bought some noodles and some yummies from a swiss bakery and went to Buderium Forest Boardwalk, ate,talked and them went for a stroll along the boardwalk. It will be a nice place to take Oma. Love you. Mama.xxxooo

  2. Thats sounds so nice :) I hope hubby and I still do our sunday drives. I'm so afraid that after bub comes we'll loose those hand holding moments.

    BTW i'm totally craving a spider now :)


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