Wednesday, 1 April 2009

What a weekend

We had a fantastic weekend, camping at Sommerset Dam with new friends from our church. It really was great. We haven’t been camping since Pete’s birthday 3 years ago, and boy, that was an adventure. We took Alexie and Jordan (my bro & sis), camped at Crows Nest, it got down to –1degrees at night, we had one queen-sized airbed to share, cooked over the open fire, had no lights… Let’s just say it was a loooooong night – good memories though!

This weekend, we were living in the lap of luxury… I’m talking five-star camping my friend. Over the last 3 years since *that* camping trip, we have collected a whole lot of little goodies, our favourites being our camp kitchen, and our tarp. So this camping trip was a horse of a different colour. See for yourself!

march 00103 march 00102

We spent Saturday down at the dam, friends we were with had the loan of a ski boat, so those that were so inclined allowed themselves to be dragged behind it on various devices. Pete had a go on the wakeboard – it took him a few goes but he got up eventually. I declined.

march 00106 march 00104

Mayana was SUCH a good baby, and as far as we can tell loved her first camping trip. She kept fairly well in her routine, we still managed to have her pretty well asleep by 7pm, and she slept through till 5.30/6pm both mornings. What a little angel! There are pictures of her camping experience at my brag book blog.

The only sucky thing about the weekend was the amount of pain I was in. On Thursday night, I went to bed with a very sore ear, though I just thought it was maybe a pimple in my ear…

Over the weekend it got progressively worse, and by Sunday i was in SO much pain. On Saturday night, we made the snap decision to go home to Noosa instead of Toowoomba on Sunday after camping. We don’t have uni till Wednesdays, so we decided to stay until Tuesday. And that’s what we did! We didn’t tell anyone we were coming, just surprised Mama and Papa- and surprised they were! They were very thrilled to have a visit with their little Friend Family.

I took myself to the hospital and saw a GP who pronounced I have an acute outer-ear infection, and prescribed an oral antibiotic as well as an ear-drop antibiotic. Between that and the ibuprofen/paracetamol cocktail I’ve been downing every 4 hours I’m feeling okay now (though I’ve seen a few very scary nappies in the last few days!). Still in a bit of pain, and still feeling fairly deaf but I’m pleased to say I’m on the mend.

So home yesterday, now here we are, on the countdown to my birthday! This year, Pete’s starting my birthday week on my birthday, meaning it will end with Easterfest and my family coming to visit. Only 4 more sleeps! Apparently Mayana has told Pete what she wants to get me for my birthday, and they are going shopping together tomorrow ;)

For now, I have to go because my gorgeous daughter has just woken up from her (nearly 3.5 hour!!!!) morning nap.. I’ll bet she has a VERY full nappy, and is absolutely starving…

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  1. I'm so glad that your mummy still comes in handy. Love you birthday girl. Can't believe that it's 22 years almost since you were the same size as Mayana and I was doing all the things for you that you do for her. See you next week and no peeking at your pressie till Sunday!


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