Thursday, 2 April 2009

My Jonah Day

(If you haven't heard that expression before, go and read Anne of Avonlea)

So this morning, Mayana woke up at 5am, dummy back in, snoozed until 5.30am and then I fed her. She was back in bed asleep by about 6.15am and I had every intention to get up and start my day. But I fell back asleep.

At 9.15 I woke up!!! Pete had woken up over half an hour before and decided to let me sleep in. Very kind, except that we had to be out of the house by 9.45, and had a list as long as my arm of stuff I needed to do by then :-( Sometimes he can be such a boy and doesn't think things through very well.

Mayana woke up as I did, so of course needed a feed, then I had to have a shower... and in short I was running around like a headless chook trying to get a few things done before we had to go.

Pete started uni at 10am, and M and I went to do groceries while he was in class. I hadn't had time to have breakfast, so I popped into maccas because I NEEDED a coffee. While getting Mayana out of the car, I accidentally caught some skin in her dummy clip while trying to clip it to her shirt (*sob*). She bawled her poor little eyes out, so I joined in, and cuddled her and gave her a quick feed in the backseat in the carpark at maccas.

THen on the way to the shops I had a Lorelei Gilmore moment and ended up wearing half of my coffee - only I didn't have a B-52's tshirt to change into, so I just had to keep the coffee-shirt on.

Got over to Garden Town (where I was going to buy the other half of M's outfit for the wedding we're going to on the weekend) and it was absolutely nutso over there! I drove around for ages to get a park, ended up having to park on the roof, meaning I had to walk in the rain to get the the store. There was only 1 left in her size, praise God I got to it before anyone else!

Back in the car, M very unhappy about that, and off to Aldi. Mayana fell asleep in the car on that leg of the trip. I got to Aldi, got the green bag, $2 coin (because the stupid trolley ate my little token a few weeks back), nappy bag, blanket to lay in the baby-seat trolley in one arm, Mayana in the other. Get over to the trolleys and realise that they have (stupidly) put the baby-trolleys outside of the awning so they're sitting in the rain, completely soaked!! Arrrgghh.. Back into the rain, to the car so I can get the sling, pop Mayana into it, back into Aldi. This means I have to use one of their stupid new trolleys which come up to my shoulders! They're so flipping huge, they make me feel like a little kids pushing the trolley for mummy. Plus I have a baby strapped to the front of me, making it a bit difficult to reach into the stupid thing!

So I stroll around, trying to make a list on the run, because that was one of the things I was going to do earlier this morning and didn't happen. I get to the register and am trying to figure out how I am going to get the stuff out of the tall, deep trolley onto the conveyer belt. Eventually I manage it.. got to the register and commented to the lady that it would probably be a lot more helpful if they baby-trolleys weren't out in the rain, because these trolleys are really hard to use when you have to carry a baby. She laughed at me. Um. I wasn't joking. Stupid stupid. Paid for my groceries, out to the car, M still strapped to me, and I've got to lift my groceries into the boot. They were so heavy I basically had to unpack the whole bag and then repack it into the car.
Eventually got it all done, took the trolley back, got Mayana out of the sling and into the car - all in the pouring rain.

Next stop, Coles. I pull into the carpark, sweet, there's a pram park! Park the car, get Mayana unstrapped when I realise I'm actually in a disabled spot. Arrgh! Back in the car, find another park, get Mayana out. Into the shops to find a baby trolley. They've parked them right in the corner, behind about 5 normal trolleys and one of those huge trolleys with the big red toddler seats. So here I am, with a baby in one arm, nappy bag and blanket to lay in the trolley seat over the other, trying to manoever the stupid trolleys so I can get to the one I want. By the way, do you think they put the baby seats on the trolleys with dicky wheels on purpose??

Finally get there, Mayana's screaming because she has a very full nappy. Off to the mother's room. We get in there, and a woman, her child and the child's grandmother are in there with 3 trolleys full of clothes which they have just picked up from layby. They are trying them all on the kid, deciding which ones to return (what the!?). Meanwhile, this room is probably about the size of my bathroom, with 1 space for changing a baby and not enough room for the 4 trolleys that are now sitting in there. Mayana's screaming, and they get the picture that I need the change mat. So they have to try and move the trolleys so I can get to it. It was like one of those puzzles where you have to move the little squares around to let the other one through. Got there eventually, changed Mayana's bum, happy again, off to finish groceries.

Thankfully Mayana was happy during this leg of the trip- she really does like being up in those trolley seats where she can see everything. Get to the checkout, pay for the groceries, and then I realise that I've paid for all the groceries with my card, not the grocery card. I know I can fix it up online later, but still, how dumb!

Outside, I decided that it would be easier to grab my 2 bags of groceries and the bub, instead of mucking around with the trolley in the carpark. There's a woman sitting outside the shops, under a no smoking sign, smoking! That irks me no end. By then I was so over it all, I (maybe rudely) loudly commented to Mayana how annoying it is when people think no smoking signs are just suggestions... "it's not like it's illegal or anything (sarcastically of course) and I'm sorry my darling that you have to breath in this crap just because people are selfish or can't read". I guess I'm lucky I didn't get smacked!

Back to the car, and yay it's time to pick up Pete from uni. I hate driving in Toowoomba in the rain - Toowoomba drivers are crappy at the best of times - shockers in the rain.

This whole time, my stupid ear has been exploding. I'm mostly deaf in my right ear from this stupid ear infection and I'm just so over it! I hope it gets better soon.

So all of this crappiness before 12pm. This is why today has been a Jonah day. I'm hoping it improves in the second half. Actually, so far so good. When we got home, I fed Mayana, and Pete has taken her out for a few hours to go birthday shopping!

So I'm here hanging out with my good friends the Gilmore Girls, enjoying some me-time.

I think I might go and get my doona. It's just one of those days.


  1. *hugs* - hope your day has improved! :) Jess xx

  2. Oh my goodness, what a super crappy morning! I'm glad you got some time to yourself in the afternoon and I hope you were able to unwind. I HATE it when people smoke in places they shouldn't too! So rude!

  3. That was truly a most memorable Jonah day!!! What are rude lady. Should have asked her which one was she, rude or illiterate?! Hope tomorrow brings a better day. Love you heaps. Mama. Get Pete to text me and tell me what he and Mayana have got you?!


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