Sunday, 5 April 2009

twenty-two today!

I have had a very lovely birthday :-)

Mayana didn’t give me much of a sleep-in (up at 5) but she greeted me with lovely smiles and giggles so i didn’t mind in the least!

After her morning feed, we had some snuggles and did presents! (Please excuse my [un]attractive morning state)

april09 00106 april09 00095

My new phone, from Pete, and my new Willow Tree sculpture from my Mama & Papa…

april09 00102

And gorgeous smiles from my beautiful daughter – who also gave me a pretty ‘mock’ (mobile phone sock) for my new phone!

april09 00108After presents, Mayana went back down for a sleep, and Pete and I played with my new phone for a while, then he made me bacon, eggs and coffee. He used the very last of our Starbucks Christmas Blend…mmmmm

Amid various birthday calls and texts, we got ready for church – the girl woke up for another feed and then off to church we went!

After church, a group of new church friends from our connect group, and one of my uni friends and her partner went out to Sizzler for lunch! We were planning on a picnic in a park, but we’ve had a bit of a rainy weekend here in woombie-town so we had to go to plan B.

april09 00111

Mayana was seemingly underwhelmed.

It was a lovely lunch, despite the fact that for the first half of it our group was separated. A group of old men were april09 00112having lunch and the lady told us that she thought they were nearly done when we got there, so we could have that table and the two on either side of it. However, they decided to have about 6 bowls of ice-cream, very slooowly. But in the end it all worked out, because to compensate for the inconvenience, they gifted me, the birthday girl, with a lovely big blackforest birthday cake, on the house! Noice.

After lunch, we came home and spent the day trying to calm down a very unhappy baby. She was sooooooo overtired from her big day yesterday. She had a couple of little sleeps today, but not enough to make up for it. Poor little honey didn’t know what to do with herself and cried her precious little eyes out for the better half of the afternoon.april09 00113 At one point we put her down in her cot, and she did stop crying and was quiet for a very long time. We thought she had gone to sleep, when we heard her giggling through the baby monitor! Evidently, the curtains I made her are hilarious when they flap in the breeze. Seriously though, it was sooooo cute. We ended up having lots of snuggles all afternoon, then she had a bath with Papa which always calms her down, and she went down surprisingly easily at bedtime! Fingers crossed for a good night!

We are now chillaxing in front of a Gilmore Girls DVD, Pete’s making me dinner (reheated leftovers, lol), which will probably be followed by some of my left over birthday cake, and we’re contemplating watching a movie later. Tomorrow night, we are going to have Thai for dinner! Pete still has a few tricks up his sleeve for the rest of birthday week… woohoo!

Will leave you with a few pics of my birthday stash!

april09 00120april09 00121

My pretty slide-phone. It’s got green bits!!! I love green.

april09 00122

My ‘mock’ from my girl :-) Doesn’t she have good taste!

april09 00123april09 00125

My new Willow Tree sculpture, “New Life”. Fits in well with my collection hey!

april09 00128

My pile of little goodies from my lovely uni-friend, Sarah

april09 00127

Beautiful home-grown lavender from the gorgeous Helen.

I have had a really lovely day… I think I’m gonna love 22 =)


  1. I'm so happy that you had a beautiful day. It always feels a bit weird when I can't be with you on THE day. You did get spoilt and we love the picture of you and Mayana on the couch. You're looking slimmer each time we see a photo of you and Mayana looks like a big girl sitting next to her Mama! Big hug to all of Zoey's friends who helped make her 22nd beautiful!! Love Mama.

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! (I feel very old, just realising you were born in 1987 and I was born in 1977!) :-) Looks like you got some very nice presents indeed --- and a free black Forest cake!! YUMMO! I had very unsettled babies here too, maybe there was something in the air?

  3. Happy Birthday Zoey!! Glad your day was special! Here I was thinking you were an entire year older then me, but we're the same age! You make 22 look like something to look forward to in May!

  4. So glad to hear your day was special, hon!! Was thinking of you all day and wondering if Mayana had settled after her big day. AND free cake, oh so nice!!! Have a great week, love MumAnn xxx (or as Shane would say, Old Cheese LOL)


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