Friday, 3 April 2009

sore fingers, tom toms and cake

Last night, I had an accident. I was walking into Mayana’s room to pop her dummy back in, and I put my hand out, because I knew there was a pedestal fan there somewhere. Next thing I knew, my little finger was IN the fan!!! Straight through the bars and into the blade. FLIP it hurt!!! Mangled my fingernail and cut my little finger. Ouch!

april09 00001april09 00000

Seriously, imagine a paper cut and times it by 3.5trillion. It hurts a lot. Especially when I type, so you should think yourself lucky that you’re hearing about it at all!!

In other news, Pete and I stimulated the economy today. Thanks to Uncle Kevi we are richer than we have ever been in our marriage! Portions of our bonus(es) will be sending us to Perth for Christmas, and be contributed to our savings account, and we decided to spoil ourselves just a leeetle. So today, we went out and bought…

april09 00002

Meet Tommy, or Tomasina… I haven’t decided yet. This is our new friend who will never let us get lost, if only we listen to his/her instructions (a bit like God now that I think about it!).

Isn’t it pretty!? And an awesome bargain! Perfect timing for the wedding we’re going to tomorrow! No arguing over the referdex, or Pete mocking me for turning it upside down EVER again ;-)

Later in the day, we headed down the hill to my cousin’s place, where we introduced Mayana to her Great-Great Aunty and some of her cousins – well third or second once removed or something obscure like that anyway!

(Me & Mayana, Aunty Judy with Micah, Nathan, Peter, Jared & Brendon)

I even got to share a birthday cake with my cousin Nathan, who’s birthday is today. ‘Twas lovely to see everyone – and I love a chance to show off my girl!

april09 (2)

Big weekend ahead. Off to Pete’s cousin’s wedding tomorrow in Brisbane, and then, on Sunday it’s my BIRTHDAY!!! Yep, that’s right, only 2 sleeps! I’m just a little bit excited.

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  1. Can't believe in 2 sleeps it'll be 22 years since the longest 32 hours of my LIFE!!!! But worth every second, cause we got you! Love you very much. Mama. xxxooo


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