Thursday, 16 April 2009

lovely day

I had such a lovely day with my girl today. Especially after yesterday, where she screamed pretty much from about 12-4pm :-(

Today, we took Pete to work at about 9.15am and then did the groceries. I thought she might fall asleep during groceries, but she's far too much of a sticky beak. She just loves watching everyone staring at her and clucking over her...

So we did Aldi, and then Coles. I had her weighed, and she is now 8lbs 6oz. She has put on nearly 90g this week, which is okay, but not quite as much as I would like. Though the lady who weighed her told me not to worry because their weight gain does fluctuate, and she is looking healthy, feeding properly, lots of wet nappies etc.

She fell asleep just as we were leaving the shops, and stayed asleep enough for me to put her in the cot when we got home. Little angel stayed asleep until I had unpacked all the groceries, and then woke up for a feed which she was well overdue for. After the feed, we had a play together and then I put her down for another nap- wrapped her, put her in her cot wide awake, went to look 15 minutes later and she was asleep!! She only slept for one sleep cycle, then I went in to resettle her and she calmed down and I thought she was asleep but she was being cheeky and staring at her curtains instead. I left her in there while she was happy though so I could get some stuff done.

After she woke up we had a lovely play together with her play gym and just chatting to each other. She's such a cutie and I love her little giggle - we had such fun together.

She was very happy to see her Papa when we went and picked him up from work too.

I love happy days with my girl.

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