Monday, 6 April 2009

fantastic news

Pete got a holiday job today!

He is going to be working at the vacation care program that our church runs :-)
He starts next Tuesday!

God is so awesome... it's a really great opportunity for him, and a chance for him to get more experience with kids, have something extra on his CV and a little bit of extra cash can't hurt!

The lady who runs the program was praying for males to employ, as last year they only had one - and this year, she is going to be the only female!!

The awesome thing is that this job just totally fell into Pete's lap - he wasn't looking or anything. Someone from church approached him and asked if he'd be interested, he said yes then got a phone call from the lady who runs it, had to go and fill out an application form - and today got asked to come in for an interview, but it was pretty much a matter of, "if you're interested, you've got the job!"

So at this point, he'll be working 4 days next week for the Easter break, and if everyone's happy with how that goes, he will possibly be offered more in the June, September and Christmas holidays!

He's very excited, and I am too!

Praise God :-)


  1. Congratulations Pete!! Isn't God good. He tells us that the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. Fun way to earn some extra money. Playing with kids all day!! We're proud of you. Love The Buma Clan.

  2. congrats on the job Pete
    its fantastic :)

  3. Congratulations son!!! Way proud of you and happy that you'll be doing something you love - spending time being a kid, oops I mean, spending time with kids!! Love from both your Mum AND your Dad xxxx
    Oi Pete check out 16C blog


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