Friday, 3 April 2009

Can I just say:

april09 00003I love this stuff.

I know it’s probably made of lighter fluid or toilet cleaner or some such, but seriously it’s so cool, and so yummy.

Very childish, and probably stems from the fact that my mum NEVER bought it for us when we were kids, when I know my cousins had it all the time… but I buy my own groceries now and I like it, so I bought it. Besides, it’s just a once-in-a-while treat, and a cheap chocolate fix. And tonight I ate it on top of my ice-cream which was sitting on top of a banana cupcake.

april09 00004


  1. May I defend myself about not buying you kids chocolate magic when you were little. There were no Aldi's where I could buy it at almost half the price of the original! I also thought it was made from toilet cleaner!!!

  2. Oh what a terrible mother you had Zoey !!! :D I think we will have to start our own little support group to console each other because my mother also never bought us that, or a whole heap of other stuff that was the rage when we were growing up. Hope it was yummy...going to add it to my next aldi shop.
    Lisa xx


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