Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Easterfest 2009

Easterfest 091

What a blast! We had the best weekend, somehow Easterfest/AGMF gets better every single year!

That last picture/post from the other day was posted live from my new phone, during the Audio Adrenaline concert – how cool is that!

Mayana was an absolute legend baby – I was so stoked at how well she coped, and at how little the weekend messed up her routine. You can read about my honey baby here.

My Easterfest highlights would have to be the two major reunion shows: Audio Adrenaline and Paul Colman Trio. Man they both have still got it baby! What fun! I’m so glad that we got the chance to see both of those bands again.

I also REALLY enjoyed the return of New World Son – absolutely fabulous music.

Some of my new favourites would have to be Spacifix, Naturally 7 and The Sowers Group (some of the members of which were once Compassion sponsor children). Oh there were just so many!

It’s also always wonderful to catch up with old friends – there are always people who I only ever seem to see at Easterfest each year, and it’s definitely a highlight.

We did have a bit of rain this year too. It was hard to be annoyed at it when we need it so desperately here in Toowoomba. It didn’t put too much of a dampener on things though – us committed, hard-core Easterfest-lovers just sucked it up, lol.

It was a lovely weekend – they always go way too fast, and leave you hanging out for the next one.

Superchic[k] will be there next year – so totally can’t wait for that, they do a great concert.

This year, we also made the decision to sponsor a child through compassion. We had previously sponsored a child, but got to the point where we were struggling to afford to live ourselves, but fortunately we are that much more financial now, and having a daughter of our own makes it seem even more important… “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” [Matthew 25:30].

So our little sponsor daughter, Spesioza Sande Andrea, is from Tanzania and is 8 years old. She is an orphan who lives with her grandparents. I like that as well as helping to feed their families, Compassion runs education programs not only for the sponsored children, but for their parents/carers, and also provides church and bible classes. Who knows, perhaps some day we’ll have a chance to meet this little girl. I’m just so grateful that we’re in the position and have the opportunity to do something for this little child – that we can make a real difference. I can’t wait to get our first letter from her!

Anyway, I should probably get myself to bed… Grocery shopping tomorrow – on my own with Mayana: fun fun fun!!!


  1. Sounds like you guys all had fun! We too have a compassion child; Binyam and Michael and I have had him since we started dating in 2001, such a wonderful organisation! Michael's work even match whatever we contribute to the general compassion fund. Great hah? Also, I was being curious as to what 'Love lets live,' was about in your side column and it went crazy and opened like 100 new internet windows - I had to turn off my laptop to stop it. Just thought I'd let you know... Jess xx

  2. That is really awesome about Michael's work also donating to Compassion!

    I have no idea what's going on with the abort73 link? It didn't do that for me... very weird...

  3. That side bar link has gone now! I wonder if it is a new virus that targets, strange...

  4. I have moved my link down my side bar a bit further. I checked the urls and stuff and it's all working properly at this end now.

    The link is a site run by an organization that aims to educate people about abortion, based on biblical and secular facts. Very interesting...


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