Saturday, 4 April 2009

Save your marriage:

Buy a GPS. I’m not kidding. If we hadn’t had bought our new best friend yesterday, today would have been slightly scary.

Think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever met a couple who DON’T argue when they are trying to find their way to an unfamiliar place. You know the scenario. Hubby is invariably driving, totally thinks he knows where he’s going. Then, he becomes confused – maybe there’s roadworks, or a confusing round-a-bout, or he just takes a wrong turn (but would never admit it). So wifey gets asked to check the referdex. Wifey invariably takes a few minutes to figure out where exactly they are, which often involves turning the book upside down or sideways, which for some reason frustrates hubby’s no end – even if it’s working! Insults are thrown, voices are raised and before you know it your’re in a fight, even if you’re one of those couples (like we are) that truly never fights!

Seriously, the only time I really ever saw my parents fight was in the car over directions and being lost. We were so assured of my parents not-fighting-ness, that when this particular referdex fight occurred, my poor little sisters were beside themselves thinking we were going to become a divorce family! So not pretty.

We have all been there, and it’s okay to admit it.

Thankfully, technology has provided the answer to yet another problem. The GPS. Today, the venue of the wedding we were going to was changed at the last minute due to weather. Now, usually, this would have been a guaranteed for a feisty trip to Brisbane. Not today! We just let our friend Tom Tom know, and our trip was re-routed just like that! After the wedding, we needed to go to the shop to get a wedding card to take to the reception. Good old Tom Tom to the rescue again! We just let him know we wanted a shop, he provided a list and we chose one we liked.


Have I mentioned I love Tom Tom?

Now I’ve got that out, I’ll get to the part that I actually came here to blog about: The wedding.

april09 00022It was Pete’s cousin Lesley’s wedding to Ryan. What a gorgeous couple. It was such a beautiful wedding, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a groom so gooey and in-awe of his bride ever (except maybe Pete, lol). He had such a goofy, love-struck look throughout the entire ceremony, it was soooo lovely.

The bridesmaids were beautiful, the bride was STUNNING – it was a really nice wedding.

april09 00053

april09 00019

The reception was also beautiful. Very family orientated similar to our wedding. Funny and heartfelt speeches, yummy food, good company. A lovely way to spend an afternoon.

april09 00086

The centrepieces and the tables. So simple yet so effective.

april09 00058 Poor Mayana was totally wrecked by the end of it all. She didn’t really have any decent day sleeps, and was passed around a bit too much than she knew how to handle. Just a wee bit overstimulated. She can’t help it that everyone thinks she’s gorgeous and wants to cuddle her! We didn't have the happiest car ride home, but after a feed when we got here she went down very quickly. Here’s hoping she gives me a sleep-in for my birthday present tomorrow! (at this point, 6/6.30am would be pretty good, lol).

I’ll leave you with some photos of my gorgeous family from today…

april09 00082

Me with the gorgeous bride, Lesley..

april09 00008

My lovely little daughter and I… ain’t she just the prettiest thing you ever did see!?

april09 00064

My hunky spunky husband! He scrubs up pretty good huh!?

What a lovely way to spend my last day of 21-ness.

Ps. In case you’ve forgotten, it’s my birthday tomorrow!

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