Sunday, 22 March 2009

I’ve been a-sewing

Pete and I have decided to use cloth nappies on Mayana, but not the old terry-flats, which are absolutely HUGE on our bub, but modern cloth nappies. The idea of these are that they are more along the lines of disposables – so they are fitted to the bub.

There’s a whole world out there that I never knew existed! AIO’s, Pockets, Covers, Prefolds, Fitted Nappies… PUL, minky fleece, bamboo and hemp fleece, so much that I’d never heard of! So after trawling the internet for the last few weeks, to the point that I’ve been dreaming about nappies, we’ve started on the clothes.

A few weeks ago, I made myself some prefolds, which are basically squares of an absorbent material with 2 lines sewn down dividing it into 3 sections, and bought some waterproof covers from e-bay, and that was the start! I then ordered some green kids pocket nappies – which are a similar shape to disposables, two layers with a gap at the top into which you stuff some absorbent material (like my prefolds, or some bamboo inserts). These are really great, but absolutely massive on Mayana and make her look like a real bubble butt! When I saw them in real life, I couldn’t believe how simple the looked to make. So I did some more research, and decided to have a go myself!

Today I made Mayana an AIO (all-in-one) cloth nappy. This has 3 layers of material: an outer (something pretty), and waterproof layer, and an inner. It also has a hidden layer, a rectangle of layered material, which works as a soaker. I chose to use minky fleece (a really soft, thin fleece) as the outer, PVC in the form of a cheap tablecloth (will use PUL, which has similar properties but is more breathable, for my nappies once I’ve gotten the pattern down-pat) as the waterproof and micro-fleece as the inner. Microfleece is great because it draws the moisture away from bottoms into the soaker panel, leaving bubbies butt dry and less prone to nappy rash. I used microfibre as my soaker. I started off with a pattern from the internet, but gave it a complete overhaul as it was way too big for little miss M, so I basically ended up making my own pattern from scratch.

It was much easier than I thought it would be, though it did take a little while. I’m sure it won’t take as long next time though!

My end product looks pretty darn good! It’s a little smaller than I’d like it to be, and putting it on Mayana I can see some areas where I’ll have to make a bit of a change, but overall, I’m impressed with my efforts!

So, some pics!

March 00079

A little too small!!

nappy 00002

The outside…

nappy 00000

Done up

nappy 00001


I reckon it looks pretty good for my first go! Can’t wait to try another… ;)


  1. I am super impressed with your efforts! I can't believe how professional looking that nappy is, well done!!! Unfortunately I don't think I'll ever be using any kind of cloth nappies due to time and the fact that my work is doubled!

  2. Zoz, 'pretty good' is an understatement!! These are brilliant. You are SO clever. I love them and love the variety you use in choice of materials.
    xx NanAnn


Thank you!!


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