Friday, 7 May 2010

Labour Day Weekend

Remember this?

Well, we all have decided to make our Donovan-Buma labour day long weekend celebration a regular, annual event!

I was like a kid at Christmas all week, I was soooo looking forward to it. I guess all this prac made it feel like a really well earned break!

So straight after school on Friday, we jumped in the car and headed off to Noosa! Well I should say in the *cars*, and Pete and Mayana took ours, and I got to drive my lil sister Alexie’s first car!

I must say, it was a bit tough having to be in separate cars, being stuffed after a long week at school and then having no one to talk to to keep me alert. But we got there eventually.

This year’s celebration was slightly more relaxed and not quite so crazy as last years. But it was still fantastic!

On Saturday we hit the shops, and I bought myself two pairs of new shoes. Oh how I love new shoes. I’m also passed that love onto my daughter, who spent the rest of the weekend showing anyone who would look her two new pairs of shoes!

On Saturday night, (after one of the most delicious Papa-made chicken penang curries ever) we did something very exciting. Peter and I had our very first night away alone together since we became a Mama & Papa!

I think I found the very last room that was available in the whole of Noosa for that night – at a cute lil B&B not too far from my parent’s house.  And despite everyone’s oh-so-hilarious jokes about our “nookie night”, we did have a lovely time away together.

Free champagne and chocolates, a lovely room and the best husband in the world… what more could a girl want!

Here he is modelling the bathrobe:

IMGP3451And here is the closest you’ll ever come to seeing me in a bathrobe on this blog:IMGP3453Teehee.

Breakfast was beautiful – everything about it: the food, the company, the atmosphere and view… just lovely.

IMGP3475 IMGP3467 IMGP3474 After watching a movie (Mao’s Last Dancer – good but I like the book much more!), we headed back to the madness. We hung out at my parent’s for the afternoon, and after church in the evening we went out to the awesome Rock’n’Roll cafe in Pomona. Seriously, if you’re ever there it’s a place you MUST visit.

IMGP3515 As you can see, Mayana was incredibly excited at the prospect of sharing her Papa’s chocolate thickshake. Though I think it was more her thickshake than his by the end of it. She drank well over half of it!

On Monday we had an awesome brunch all together, before heading up to Montville to enjoy the gorgeous views and shops. Have I mentioned how much I love it up there?!IMGP3523

IMGP3534 Mayana enjoying her first ever taste of a lollipop

We arrived back in Mundubbera at about 8pm Monday night. Back to the grindstone on Tuesday.

It was a fabulous weekend – I love our big joint family fun and I am already looking forward to our get-together next year!!

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  1. What a great weekend it was! Pete, all I can say is you're a good model in your sexy bathrobe. Poor Mayana missed out on her ice cream with Kami cause she got a lolly pop!


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