Monday, 10 May 2010

another Mayana (aka Miss Doolittle) fix

Mayana has had another busy week. She’s loved her time with Nana and Pop, and I think they’re all going to feel quite lost when we leave later this week!

Here are some of my favourite moments from the last week-and-a-half or so…


I just love this photo. I think she’s practising her Blue Steel or Magnum look. Lol. She’s the biggest poser in the world!


On the way to Noosa last weekend, Mayana somehow got her hands on her Papa’s packet of liquorice bullets. This is how we found her when we got her out of the car. We showed her in the mirror, and she was very upset at what she saw! The next day, we found five naked bullets… seems Mayana preferred to lick the chocolate off and discard of the liquorice!


Mayana had her first all by herself ice-cream cone last week. That little tongue was worming its way in to the ice-cream, and it took a lot of convincing her that she could eat the cup too!

pops girlMayana and Pop have a very big soft-spot for one another. Whenever he sits still for more than a few seconds, Mayana is there for cuddles. She sits on him, or near him… and she especially loves it when he has a bit of fruit he can share with her!

Picture5  Of course, she is still likes to steal Pop’s chair or bed at every possible opportunity. As soon as she sees Pop drag his mattress into the lounge room, those little legs scream across the room in a race to beat Pop to it. Eventually she settles for lying down with Pop for snuggles.


Argh! She just gets more gorgeous every day!

dolittleOn Saturday we went to the local show, where Mayana was delighted to visit the little animal-petting farm. She was beyond excited, and just didn’t know where to go first! Sheep… goats… ducks… chooks… alpacas… even some deer! It was all just too much. She absolutely loved it, and we ended up going back to visit about four times. Lucky it was free!

IMGP3629 The look on her face in this photo says it all!

IMGP3598 Mayana and Bambi!

IMGP3624Another incredible experience for her was in the chook-judging shed. She was mesmerised by all the ‘tweet tweet tweets’, as she christened the chooks, but you should have seen her face when we stumbled across this gorgeous DUCK! Mayana was in love.

So as you can see we’ve had quite an exciting few weeks. Busy, fun… and we can’t believe that it’s nearly been a month since we got here! Two more sleeps, then it’s back to reality…  

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