Monday, 24 May 2010

Home and Away (but not the TV show)

So yes. We are home. In freezing Toowoomba world.

I’ve been a slack blogger, but I have a good excuse. It’s called uni, motherhood… life.

Uni is a lot of it. We had this assignment – a 25 minute micro-teaching presentation for our SOSE/HPE course. It was worth 50%, and was due last Wednesday. We started it the Friday before. Eeeep! Luckily for us, we pulled it together brilliantly, and even if I do say so myself, we did a really good job at it! As a rule, I HATE group assignments, but I must admit it’s pretty handy for your group to consist solely of you and your husband. No marks yet, but I feel confident. So one more assignment, and one exam, and uni is done for this semester. Then one more semester EVER. Yeah baby! More on that later.

Motherhood is the best. Mayana is so awesome. She is so funny and cool and I just love her guts. I have been terribly slack with photos. And not just here, I mean photos full stop. I just went searching my computer for some photos for a Mayana-fix, and I realised there are about 10 photos of her since we’ve been home! Oh dear! It’s very sad. More on THAT later too.

And life, life is crazy. Busy and fun and crazy, just the way I like it. Which is where we get to the Away part of the title. Because that’s where we were this weekend. Away. On the beautiful not-so-sunshiney Coast.

We were there for two big reasons. Number one was ‘On Stage’ which is the biennial variety show that my old school puts on. It’s the last one that will have a Buma-type child in it (well until our kids all start going to school there of course!), because my baby brother is in grade 12 this year. He’s so talented, and he was pretty much in everything. He also performed his funny ‘Stalker Song’ (if you do a search on this blog, you’ll find a YouTube link). My hubby filmed it, and is working on getting the new version onto YouTube, so stay tuned for that one.

IMGP3782 Here he is playing acoustic guitar in the jazz/blues band.


And here is his bestie, Mel, who is an incredible dancer.

The second reason we were there was for my gorgeous sister Alexie’s 18th birthday party. It was pretty cool. We went to a local pub, where we had booked out one end of the veranda. We ate, drank and were merry. It was a lovely time, and the kind of 18th birthday party that any parent would be proud of. Alexie was especially impressed that the bartender invented her very own cocktail, the ‘Alexie’, just for her. How very Rory Gilmore, no? IMGP3909Here I am with the stunning birthday girl.  
IMGP3918 And here are the four of us gorgeous Buma-type girls.

IMGP3919 Spunky us.


Alexie and her bestie, Pina Colada. Oh and Rhett.

On Sunday we got to witness our lovely friend’s daughter’s baby dedication, then catch up with Peter’s side of the family. Mayana quite enjoyed playing with her cousins

After a final visit with Kami, Opa, ‘Lala’,  ‘Boo’, ‘Lochloch’ and ‘Doordee’ (yes she now names them all), we hit the rode, and arrived home at about 8.30 last night. Phew. What a weekend!

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