Friday, 7 May 2010

Boondooma Homestead

I know. I’ve been slack. But I’m here to make up for it, stay tuned for a total post overload!

Stepping back in time here… back to ANZAC weekend.

We made the hour-or-so-long drive to the beautiful Boondooma Homestead. Each ANZAC weekend, the homestead plays host to a music muster. We had originally intended to head out for the entire weekend and camp out. However, because of our busyness, and because my Nana was worried that the music wouldn’t be our cup of tea, we ended up just going for the day.

We made it out there in time for their lovely ANZAC day service, which was followed by a beautiful church service held on the lawn outside the old homestead.

We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around the old buildings, listened to the music and hilarious bush balladeers, eating the best damper I’ve ever tasted, and just enjoyed hanging out.

It’s a beautiful property. One of those places that makes you wish wall could talk. A house like that would have so many stories. Generations of people lived there, loved there, married, had children, worked, saw droughts, bad times, good times. You can feel the history. It makes me want to write a book or something!

I thought you might enjoy some of our photos. We really loved it out there, and want to go back camping for a weekend… one day…

IMGP3233The back of the homestead. The church service was held to the right of those trellises there.

IMGP3284IMGP3222IMGP3236 IMGP3251 I want this bedspread. I’d like to think that I’ll make myself one day, but I can see myself going batty trying to make that many yo-yo flowers!

IMGP3258 IMGP3277 IMGP3281 Isn’t it all just so intriguing!?


  1. Gorgeous pics Zoey - I especially love the bedspread one, how divine is it?! xx

  2. Can I come with you next time? Love Mama. xxoo


Thank you!!


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