Monday, 24 May 2010

Some Mayana

As I mentioned earlier, for some weird reason we’ve been incredibly slack with Mayana photos. This must, of course, be remedied. Here is my meagre offering for this week…

IMGP3740 Mayana ‘doing her makeup’ before we left Nana & Pop’s. She seriously stood there for over 20 minutes, in front of the mirror pretending to dip my makeup brush in my blush pot (well it had its lid on), and brushing it over her face. That’s a long time for Mayana to be doing anything! It was so cute!

IMGP3761 Rugged up for a Toowoomba morning. There’s something particularly snuggle about a toddler in a dressing gown.

IMGP3762 Our min-maestro. We have reinstated my keyboard back into the loungeroom. I didn’t realise how much I missed it! Mayana is in love, and drags the step stool over every chance she gets. She’s even figured out how to get the drum-beat going. My wonderful husband even captured all her cuteness on film, and you can watch her here. (Enjoy!)

IMGP3773 Talk about bed-hair!


Argh. Love her to bits!!


  1. Why is it that when ever I look at a picture of our Maisie I end up with a cheesy big grin on my face! I love that little girl. xxx (Kami)

  2. What a little treasure she is. Loved HUGELY by NanAnn and PopEv xxxx


Thank you!!


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