Friday, 14 May 2010

Things I’m Thinking About…

It’s good to be home. There are many reasons I’m happy to be home. Here are some of them:

  • sleeping in my own bed is heaven. Don’t get me wrong, the bed at Nana & Pop’s is good, but there’s just something perfect about sleeping in your own bed.
  • We can choose what we want to watch on TV. And it doesn’t include 5 different news programs each night. And it does include Masterchef. Every night.
  • Shops are close by. A month in ‘the bush’ has shown me that I’m more of a city girl at heart than I even knew. I missed the loveliness of retail therapy – with more choice than just IGA & Wayne’s World.

The weirdest thing about being home is that weird sense of not being able to feel ‘at home’. Because of another case of crap with our (not so) charming property agent. She did a routine inspection while we were away, then rang to let us know that she and the owner were disgusted with our home. This is why: There were three (clean but worn) nappies rolled up on the bathroom floor; A small basket’s worth of clothes on our bedroom floor; and (shock horror!) lots of stuff in our office, including a bag of brochures from the wedding expo, a bag of sewing stuff, and the gift bag which my birthday presents came in. That was all that was on the floor. To be fair, our office is kind of cluttered. You see, we had a baby, and she kind of took up our spare room. And I am a craft fiend with way too much scrapbooking, sewing and other miscellaneous crafting regalia. We are kind of growing out of this unit. Three’s a crowd in here. Oh, and the rest of our home was completely sparkling clean, by the way.

So yeah, I’ve been having minor anxiety attacks since the lovely phone call we had, to the point of actually throwing up. I hate the way this woman affect me. I think it’s the fact that she has a fairly significant element of control over such a huge part of my life. I’m reminding myself daily that no one has the right to make me feel vulnerable in my own home, and that as long as I am damaging no property and paying my rent, I can ‘keep house’ however I dang well please. Despite rude property managers.

We’ve signed up to 6 more months here, then we are out of here baby. It’s kind of nice to have a date on it. I just don’t want to resent my last few months here.

Moving on.

I miss my Nana and Pop. I liked hanging out with Nana and a cup of tea after school, and chatting about our days. Mayana misses them too. She was even asking for Nana yesterday.

I’m glad prac’s done. I did really well by the way – I got the highest mark you can get, and also got some great feedback. We’re almost sure that we’ll go back to the same school for our internships.  Now we have 2 assignments due in the next three weeks. We did about half of one today, and have barely looked at the other.

Mayana had an awesome first day back at daycare. She was so excited when we got there. She grinned and waved us goodbye without a backward glance. Apparently she was greatly missed, and her carers were all so happy to have her back. She was super happy today, as she got to play with bubbles (one of her favourite things in the world), and sing “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”, and show off all her animal noises to everyone. She can do pig, bird, duck, chook & dog. It’s very cute. Her other favourite song is that one about frogs singing ladi-dadi-da instead of galoomph galoomph galoomph. She’s so cute, she makes my heart explode!

It is cold in Toowoomba. Like, really cold. Our first night back it was 5 degrees, and last night it was 4. Every room in the house aside from our bedroom has been insulated, and you can really tell. It’s like sleeping inside a refrigerator. Time to pull out the electric blanket methinks. Mayana has been going to bed in a singlet suit, a wonder suit, flannelette pyjamas and a sleepy bag. She looks like a Michelin man, but she’s warm at least!

We’re going to Ikea in the morning. I’m pretty excited. I love Ikea. I didn’t get a mother’s day present this year (did I mention the lack of shopping opportunities in Dubsie-town?), so Pete promised me a trip to Ikea instead. The other weekend, we were online window-shopping on the Ikea website, when my mum sent me a random text message saying, “we’ve decided to go to Ikea today”. Slap in the face. Lol. We’re going to by an easel, and a table and chair for Mayana. I’m sure there will be a few other goodies that find their way to our trolley also.

And I think that’s about all that’s going on in that head of mine for now. And Pete wonders why I fob him off when he asks me what I’m thinking. Pfft. Too much to explain!!


  1. That woman sounds terrible Zoey!!! She really can't treat you like that!! It's her responsibility to check that 1) you don't have any extra people living there 2) that you haven't damaged anything. THat's IT! She can't actually tell you anything about the neatness of your house!!

    I really hope you find a truely lovely place after this one!!

    Enjoy Ikea too- one of my favourite places!!

  2. Hi Zoey!

    Glad you are all back safe and sound. Firstly, I am APPALLED at the actions of your property manager. Did you send you a letter saying that she would be inspecting your unit 2 weeks prior? If not, she will get her upleasant butt kicked by the RTA. What a horrible homecoming.
    I tagged a photo of my mum and Demarco for you to show your Pop. ( This is before I knew you were home.) My mum is not the same lady that your Pop would remember, but I thought he would have liked to see a pic of his big sis anyway. :)
    Now, onto fun topics. I WANT TO HANG OUT WITH MY COUSINS!!! And, once Mayana feels familiar with us, I would just love it if we could give you and Peter the opportunity to have some couple time. Demarco, being an only child, just LOVES babies, and I swear he will spoil her rotten. And I would just LOVE to have you all for dinner one night, so I get to know my new second cousin-in-law, and reunite with my second cousin!! Im going to to Facebook PM you my details.
    Take care, and welcome home! (Brrr!)
    Kate and Demarco xx

  3. Gah. We've spoken about your horrible PM before, and how much I want to kick her in the pants, but even more now. I wish that there was something you could do besides wait out the six months, but oh my, isn't it going to feel good to walk out of there at the end of it??

    Welcome home!


Thank you!!


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