Tuesday, 18 May 2010

sail away…

So what do you think about the whole J-Watson thing? I’m kind of torn.

I didn’t really think too much about it before she left – apart from a mild interest about her being from the same sort of area as me…

But she’s back now, and I have thought about it, and here’s what I’ve decided.

I think, that as a person, she has done an amazing thing. Something that would never even enter my mind to even have any kind of desire to do. Not just the sailing part, (I mean let’s face it I don’t know a rudder from a stern – are they even on a sailing boat??), and I’m not a fan of waking up all through the night for any reason, let alone to go out into the wet darkness to adjust sails! Besides which, I think my brain would explode if I had to live in solitude for 200+ days. Honestly. So yeah, what she has done = wow!

However. At 16??? I mean, yeah, good on her, BUT I am afraid to say that I wouldn’t even entertain the idea of my sixteen year old child head off solo around the world for the better half of a year. I mean, my umbilical cord might snap or something! Okay, joking, but the risks and looming ‘what ifs’ would make it a big fat from me.

Also, I find it kind of lame when Mr Rudd gets up and calls her a hero. Like I said, I think she’s an amazing kid, and it’s no small feat what she’s done, but hero? I think not. Having said that I’m the kind of person who gets quite riled hearing any kind of sporting star referred to as a ‘hero’. They are not, in my most humble opinion, heroes.  You might call them ‘freakishly talented’ (as I heard one footballer called tonight on the news), but for me the word shouldn’t be used lightly, and should be reserved for people who, I don’t know, actually do something heroic.

At the moment, I kind of wonder how Miss Jess is coping, with the crazy media bombardment after being in complete solitude for months on end. Talk about overwhelming! And imagine trying to settle back into real life after an adventure like that! Anyway, I’ll be she’s loving being back with her mummy. I sure would be!


  1. Agreed. I like what she has done for two reasons: Accomplishing such a feat proves that teenagers are capable of so much more than people expect of them. Plus, it's nice to see a young girl aspiring to more than getting knocked up at the next party.
    But, I think her parents were pretty brave to let her go.

  2. I think she is pretty awesome! I've been following her whole journey and I'm amazed that someone so young has such drive and determination! Her family may have been nuts to let her go, but she did survive and make it back home safe and sound. Good on her I reckon :)

    But agreed, the instant fame and publicity must be driving her bonkers!


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