Sunday, 30 May 2010

Pie Night

I bought a pie-maker from Aldi for $15.00! It’s so cool, and so easy to use. So we’ve decided that Sunday night will be Pie Night, and we’ll try a different pie filling each week.

Tonight, we did the savoury lentil pie (recipe link is in my menu plan post from this week, only I used half a pack of baby spinach instead of broccoli). It was super quick and easy, and so delicious. Mayana absolutely adored it, she ate more than she has at dinner in weeks (for some reason she’s not been big on dinner for the last few weeks, and it’s often a bit of a battle).

Lentils scare me a little. It’s from a bad experience I had when I was a young-un. You see, I was at a friend’s house, and we were offered pies and sausage rolls for lunch. “Yum!”, I thought, and tucked right in. What they had neglected to mention was the fact that they were lentil pies and sausage rolls. And that most definitely was NOT what I was expecting. And it was kind of gross. So I haven’t knowingly eaten lentils since then. And I was feeling very brave about attempting dinner tonight.

But it was great. I served it with mashed potato seasoned with celery salt, nutmeg and garlic. Yummo.


 IMGP4133 Here was Mayana’s before and after:

Definitely a winner in this house, you’re sure to see it again on the menu plan!!

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  1. I love making pies too! So easy and delish!


Thank you!!


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