Sunday, 7 February 2010

More Reading

I’ve definitely been on a roll lately: I’ve finished two books in the last two days. I’ve been reading Karen Kingsbury. I’ve very lucky in that our local library stacks a whole stack of Christian fiction, and lots of Karen Kingsbury, who happens to be in my top five authors.

I’ve just read two of the books from the ‘Redemption’ series, co-authored by Gary Smalley. The only thing about our library is that Karen Kingsbury seems to be a favoured author of many, and as such a lot of her books are out all the time. So I have had to read this series totally out of order. I have read them all now though.


As always I thoroughly enjoyed these books. Hence the fact of me finishing them so quickly.

The Redemption series follows the Baxter family, and their five adult children and their various journeys. I won’t go into it all too much because there’s too much to talk about and I won’t know when to stop! Plus I don’t want to give too much away – these books are near the end of the series after all!

All I’ll say is they are brilliant, and Karen Kingsbury hasn’t let me down yet!

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