Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Mayana’s Week… (and a half)

Please excuse my blogging slackness lately! We’ve been holidaying with my grandparent’s at their house, and been having too much fun to get time to go on the computer!

Mayana too has been incredibly busy. I swear the child never stops moving. Ever. She loves being at Nana & Poppy’s, running after the dogs, stealing grapes from Poppy and not leaving Nana alone. She’s a bit of a leech with Nana and cries if she leaves the room. She has even started to differentiate between dogs, and realises they’re not actually ALL called Jack. She’s nearly got her mouth around “Sham” (Sam), “Ded” (Jedda) and “Top top top top” (Topsy). Other new words include, “Duck” and “Nananananananana”.

She’s been playing/’helping’ at Great Aunt Nelly’s video shop. She’s allowed to touch the buttons on G.A. Nelly’s computer, eftpos machine and till…. and the etfpos machine and till make cool beepy noises! She runs around the shop and collects all the ‘do not touch’ signs and delivers them to Aunty Nelle, and tries to chew on the dvd packing beans. Luckily they’re made of potato starch so they won’t kill her. Ha. Great fun.

Anyway.. here are some photos from the last week…


Wednesday |  Mayana climbed onto the couch to chill out for a while. She had to use her little purple couch to get up, but I don’t think it will be too long before she can get up all by herself!


Thursday |  Ready to go out for lunch with Mama and her friends. S7306260

Friday |  Treats for dessert at Nana’s house. Chocolate mousse!! Mayana was highly impressed. S7306268 Saturday |  It’s been awfully hot here, so Nana bought Mayana a blow-up pool from the op shop to cool down in. Mayana LOVES splashing and kicking about in it.


Saturday |  Mayana had a bath in Nana’s sink. Here she is washing herself with the soap. Clever little bean. S7306290

Saturday |  Enjoying the sink-bath.  S7306292

Saturday |  Traditional photo: Nudie run up the hallway at Nana’s. One day I’ll dig  up the photo of us grandkids doing the same thing… lol. S7306295

Sunday |  Mayana has a thing for Nana’s potato. Any chance she gets she’s in the potato basket, where she picks one out, and wanders about the house with it under her arm until someone takes it off her. Way cooler than a dolly apparently.


Tuesday |  Little monkey. I was making dinner in the kitchen, and heard Mayana yelling out to me. I turned around, and there she was rocking in Nana’s chair. She got up there all by herself. I’m still not sure how. She then amused Pop by climbing up onto his lap with no help about 25 times while he was watching the news.

Stay tuned for more!!

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  1. Oh my, She's getting SO big!! Look at her long legs and arms!!

    Looks like youv'e had a lovely time Zoey!!


Thank you!!


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