Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Final Chapter

On Monday, uni starts. Finally. I’m actually looking forward to it. Summer holidays are sooooooooo long and by the time uni gets back I’m usually rearing to go. Especially this year. Why? Because this is it. The last year. Ever. (Unless I someday do my masters of course!).

Two more semesters, 10 weeks of prac, 4 courses, an interview with Ed Qld… and it will all be over. I’ll wear that mortar board and gown, and someone will hand me a pretty piece of paper declaring me to be the proud owner of a bachelor degree in education.

And then…. well I’m not entirely sure yet.

I want to get this part over first.  And it’s not something you can really plan for. It’s in God’s hands and not in my mind at the moment.

All that’s in my mind is The Final Chapter. Monday. First day back, Mayana’s first day of daycare. We’ve been approved for the JET scheme through centrelink, meaning we basically only have to pay around $1.00 a day for her care. Which is a major blessing because daycare is not cheap. And we ended up finding an awesome daycare that we’re so happy with. Lovely staff, lovely facility. They provide food, milk, nappies, linen and suncream. And really good care. And I’m trying my best to not feel nervous about leaving her there alone.

But for now… I’m going to enjoy my last few days of freedom. Of all-day-longs with my sunny little bean.

Three more days.

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  1. Woo! Go for it! :) I'm going to be so proud to see you in your cap & gown.....and then, two & something years later, I'll be there too :)


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