Thursday, 18 February 2010

Heart Sister Night..

Lots of blogs lately have had Valentines Day Posts. A lot of them ask, “what does Valentines day mean for you?”.

Well, for me, it doesn’t mean roses or chocolates… or sadly, even romantic cards from my husband.  For some reason, Valentines day has taken a bit of a backseat for us in the last few years.

So no, for me, Valentines Day does not equal romance… it means it’s time for another Heart Sister’s Reunion!!!

I have blogged about Heart Sisters before. It’s a lovely program, and I love being part of it.

The reunion is when you get to meet the lovely lady who has been writing to you for a year, and meet the one you’ve been writing to. It’s also a time for meeting lots of other ladies, and being spoiled by all the work the organisers put into the night. It’s very special.

Each year has a theme, and this year’s was a special celebration because it’s the Heart Sister Program’s 10th birthday. So we had to wear a crazy party/birthday hat. This is the one I whipped up:

S7306305I won the prize for my table. Which was really cool cos I never win anything! 

This year, I didn’t get to meet the lady who had written to me, which is a little disappointing. I did, however, did get to meet the lovely Melanie, whom I had written to all year. And she blessed me with this lovely bunch of chocolate hearts:

S7306307 Throughout the evening, we each fill out a little questionnaire with your name, address, important dates (birthdays, anniversaries etc), favourite flowers, colours and things like that. These get placed into a big basket, and at the end of the night you pick out your new Heart Sister for the year.

And then the fun begins. Once a month you make contact – be it a little note of encouragement or a little gift, or a bunch of flowers…. just something to say you’re thinking of her, and that you care. And it’s the most special thing to get those little things in the mail, that always seem to arrive just at the right moment, when you need a little pick-me-up.

I love it! If you ever get the chance to be involved in something like this, I’d highly recommend it.

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  1. That's sounds so fantastic! I'd love to be involved with something like that.


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