Monday, 22 February 2010

the rest of Mayana’s Week…

As promised:


Wednesday |  More chair-climbing.


Wednesday |  Hanging out with Nana…


Thursday |  Blowing Poppy’s 80+ year old scout whistle!

S7306318Thursday |  Goodbye cuddles with Nana.

S7306319Thursday |  Saying goodbye to Great Aunt Nelly


Friday |  Little drummer girl. Mayana has discovered Oom Jordan’s drums. She’s actually pretty good at it, and has a fairly decent drumroll happening on the snare over there. But she drums on other stuff too. Clearly. S7306324

Friday |  We went out to dinner at this really cute rock’n’roll diner in Pomona. Mayana LOVED the dukebox, and thoroughly entertained everyone with her sweet dancing skills. So adorable!

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  1. She's getting s much bigger!!!!


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