Sunday, 7 February 2010

Mayana’s Week

So here it goes: My very first Mayana-photo-dedicated post on the Ramblings blog…  S7306128

Monday| Mayana’s first attempt at feeding herself spaghetti. Lots of mess, but she loved it! S7306165

Tuesday| Being gorgeous, playing in her bumbo.


Tuesday| Slightly blurry, but it’s fitting. She never stops moving; ‘The Blur’ would be a very appropriate nickname. 

S7306171 Wednesday| Mayana had her very first outing to a play centre: Little Legs. She LOVED it. We met my mum’s cousin Carmen and her little Micah there. He needed company since his big brother has just started school and he’s lonely at home on his own. The two of them had a blast! This is Mayana about to go down the ‘Cars’ slide…

S7306172Wednesday| And here she is at the bottom. I think she liked it, don’t you? She only did it about 1000 times!


Wednesday| See Mama, I sat on that green slide, and look where I ended up!!! S7306202

Friday| Mayana enjoying chats with Mama over breakfast. S7306210Friday| Dancing while her little teapot sings. This was a present from Kami, and she’s finally figured out that if she presses the tea-bag button, it sings a song!


Friday| Like Mama like daughter. Mayana hanging out, reading on her couch, just like Mama. What I hope to be the beginning of a long-standing holiday tradition. She did this for a good 15 minutes. That’s a long time in Mayana time.

S7306221Sunday| Heading home after a fun morning at Crèche. Mayana has been going for about 3 weeks now, and loves it. I’m quite enjoying actually hearing the sermon for a change too. Mayana loves to play in the cars, and apparently has figured out how to use the little slippery-dip in the crèche room all by herself! The leaders can’t believe how active and independent she is. They also always comment about how tough she is. She’s by far the littlest there- though definitely not the youngest.


Sunday| A morning at Crèche makes for a very tired Mayana-Berry. Bless.


  1. Definitely one happy aunty!! What a busy little butterfly. Tan Tan

  2. Bless her. she is so beautiful. I miss her. I wont be at church this sunday morning, but next sunday definitely & shall come say hey. Enjoy the rest of the uni holidays! xxx Jess T


Thank you!!


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