Monday, 8 February 2010

a day in the life of this wife and mama on uni break

7am: Wake up. Sometimes Mayana is awake by now, playing with toys in her cot, or reading the book I sneak in there before I go to bed at night. If she’s still asleep I gently wake her… Mayana, time to wake up gorgeous girl. Did you have a good sleep?. She stirs, and smiles, and gives the best cuddles. Morning cuddles are so squishy and yummy, like she missed us heaps. Her nappy is changed, and we bring her into our bed, for cuddles and a little breastfeed. I wouldn’t really say she is breastfed anymore, it’s just a comfort feed, and while my milk is still there, it’s not like before. I love this time in the morning, in bed with my two loves, laughing and talking and playing. Mayana always reaches out for her Papa’s phone, she loves pressing the button and seeing her own photo flash up on the screen. When she’s had enough of it, she slides down off our bed, and runs out to the lounge room to find her toys and books.

7.30am: All of us are out of bed. Mayana runs to her highchair, she knows it’s time for breakfast. I sit her in there, turn on the coffee machine, and we talk and play while Papa makes her wheetbix and milk. I feed Mayana her wheetbix while Peter makes breakfast for the two of us. We have eggs and toast, or bircher museli, or beautiful fresh bread from our breadmaker. And cappuccinos. Every morning. (Bliss). When Mayana has finished her wheetbix, and drinks her milk, she wants to get down. She runs around and plays until we start eating our breakfast, and then she wants to get back up and see what she can snag from our plates.

8am: Breakfast is finished. We play together – look at books, blocks, puzzles, instruments – whatever takes Mayana’s fancy first.

9am: Mayana, it’s time for sleepies – Papa’s going to read you some stories. And off she toddles to her bedroom (it’s so cute). Pete has snuggles and reads stories. Two or sometimes three, with voices and everything. Kisses and time for bed. Usually Mayana goes to sleep quickly, but sometimes she plays for a while first. Which is okay, so long as she sleeps eventually. While she sleeps I do housework, or read, or blog, or crochet and watch Gilmore Girls or McLeod’s Daughters.

11-11.30am: Mayana wakes up. More smiles and snuggles. A bottle on her couch, more playing, more books. Mayana loves books. She has one in her hand almost all the time.

12ish: Lunch time. We all eat together. Mayana eats whatever we’re eating. She loves feeding herself at the moment, and we tell her we’re so proud and how she’s so clever, and she claps her hands and giggles.

After lunch: If we’re going to go out somewhere it’s usually after lunch. Sometimes we go to the shops, or visiting. When it’s not raining we’ve started going to the park so Mayana can ride her birthday bike.

2.30pm: Another nap. Yes Mayana still has two, but I think it won’t be too long before it’s one. Usually Peter puts her down again. It’s special, that papa-daughter time of snuggles and reading

When Mayana wakes up: she has another bottle, and we play some more. The girl never stops moving, she keeps herself busy running around the house, between her bedroom and the lounge room and her various toys and books. Sometimes we get out of the house again.

5.30pm: Papa takes Mayana for a bath, I head into the kitchen and make dinner. I’m enjoying making one meal for all three of us to share. Mayana has stacks of fun in the bath. She has way too many bath toys but she loves them all, and loves to slide and splash and laugh.

6pm: Dinner. After her bath, Mayana heads straight for her highchair. She holds out her hands so we’ll take them and say grace with her, and giggles when we say, “Amen”. She eats dinner. Depending on what we’re eating, sometimes we feed her and sometimes she feeds herself. The other night, she even ate a whole bowl of ravioli all by herself, stabbing it with a fork and popping it in her mouth, clapping her hands when we exclaimed, “good girl!!”. She usually has yoghurt for dessert, and I’m always surprised by how much she eats, and how much that little tummy sticks out when she’s full.

7pm: Time for Mayana to go to bed. She toddles off to her room and finds a dummy, climbs into my lap in our rocking chair and the three of us snuggle and say prayers together. She gives us each a cuddle and a kiss, we close her blinds, press play on her Celtic lullaby CD and lay her in her cot. We press the button on her praying lamb, now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, angels watch me through the night, until I wake in morning’s light. Amen. She clutches onto Stella, her special lovey toy and is usually half way to sleepy land by the time we quietly close her door.

After Mayana’s bedtime: My wonderful husband washes up, and I sit down to catch some news and whatever TV we want to watch that night. I can’t sit still, so usually I do some kind of craft, or use my computer while I’m watching. Sometimes we have dessert, sometimes we don’t. We just hang together, enjoy some time. And then, we go to bed.

But alas… this dream life won’t last for long. Uni starts again in a few weeks. Real life. I’m looking forward to it, believe it or not. But I will miss this slice of heaven that has been our life over the uni break.

Mornings will be more rushed. We start uni at 9, four mornings a week, and Mayana has to go to daycare before then. But Thursdays, they will be our day. And we’ll pretend we’re on holidays again. I think I’ll look forward to Thursdays.

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