Sunday, 9 August 2009

looks like a brand new house!

Our gorgeous new couches arrived on Saturday. They weren’t expecting them to arrive until the end of August/early September, so we got a very happy surprise when they rang us on Thursday to say they were here! So they were delivered on Saturday, and we had a big re-arrange of our loungeroom and can’t believe how much bigger it looks! We’re so happy with it, and we feel so FLASH with our new furniture.

We were so blessed to have our old stuff, we got it very cheaply from friends when we were first married, but it’s nice to have something that’s our taste and that we chose.

So… some pics:

 bw 00022

This is the best pic I can find of ‘before’ … I stupidly forgot to take one before the Big Change.

 August 09 00175

Three seater couch..

 August 09 00177

Two seater couch

August 09 00180

The overall new look! I’m loving it =)

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