Thursday, 20 August 2009

watchya got cookin'!?

Grocery day again....

T. Stir-fry with mince
F. Fish & Chips (homemade) with Salad
S. LEFTOVER NIGHT (probably moved to another night when I don't feel like cooking !
S. Quiche with feta and sundried tomatoes
M. Sticky Sausages
T. Spinach & Ricotta Lasagne
W. Spaghetti
T. Kangaroo Roast Dinner
F. Roast leftovers
S. Fish & Chips with salad
S. Sushi (which means hubby makes dinner... yay!)
M. Tray baked sausages with cherry tomatoes
T. Mushroom & Parmesan risotto (might add chicken to appease the husband!)
W. Spaghetti/lasagne (depending on how much I feel like cooking!)


  1. Yummy! I laughed at the risotto recipe video! But I will have to try it cause it looks yummy!

    What kind of stuff do you put in your stir-fry? I can never make nice ones, and that's on the menu for tonight!

  2. Zoey I love seeing what you're cooking... I'm in a bit of a rut for ideas of what to make... so this is great :)

  3. everything sounds so yummy!


Thank you!!


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