Wednesday, 19 August 2009

my mama my friend

BlogThis | Challenge 12

share with us your favourite memory of your mother or father or another parent-figure in your life. It may be a wonderful mother-daughter experience you had with your mum, or something special you've done with your children... inspire us!

Well if you've ever read this blog before, you would know that my family is one of the most important things in my life.

I know it's one of those corny cliche things, but my mum really is one of my best friends (up there with my hubby and sisters... and my dad and brother for that matter). We are (probably abnormally so) incredibly close.

My favourite memory of my mum would have to be her presence at the birth of my daughter - her first grandchild. Of course Mum agreed the moment we asked her to be a birth partner. Peter was more than keen to have her there- he knew that I needed her, and felt that he needed her too.

Mum was the perfect birth partner. So sensitive. When I just needed Pete she seemed to just know, and would kind of melt into the background. When I needed her she was by my side in a split second.

We laugh at the memory of her trying to fulfill my wishes from my birth plan that I didn't want to give birth naked, and her trying to put my nightie on, or cover me with a sheet, and me batting them away and telling her I didn't want them.

She tells me how she wanted to sock the anesthetist in the face when she told me she 'didn't want any silly nonsense' while I was having rolling contractions (in transition) and she was trying to insert my epidural (which she never got in anyway).

I remember her telling Peter to be strong in the moment when the midwife told me it was time to push, and we were about to meet our baby, and we both broke down into tears.

I remember her holding my hands while I birthed my gorgeous daughter into the world, and watching her see her granddaughter for the first time.

I love that my dad stayed in the waiting room through my entire labour so he got to come in the moment Mayana was born and be a part of that most amazing moment.

Mum stayed with us for a week after Mayana was born, and I don't know how we could have done it without her. She helped with everything, but still let us muddle our way through being the parents. When we couldn't settle the baby at 2am, she came in and took her and let us sleep. She cooked us dinner and did washing. I cried when she left.

I'm so glad that my mum was able to be there.

And that is my favourite memory of my mum.


  1. I love you my gorgeous Zoey Poey xxxooo Mama.

  2. Zoey! This makes me cry! So beautiful (everything is making me cry at the moment though- you know why).

    Also, on a more light-hearted note- I do not want to give birth naked either! I'm really positive that I don't and will be getting Luke to do whatever he can to make that happen! We will see in a few years how that happens for me though!!

  3. Awwww beautiful!

    Drop me an email at so i can send you your Blog This winners tile :-)


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