Saturday, 29 August 2009

converting to cloth… the story so far

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The short version: I’m loving it!

Honestly, I’m not finding it to add a whole lot to my workload at all, and it’s really much easier than I anticipated. Plus Mayana looks so cute with her little cloth bum! They are nice and trim nappies, a little fatter than disposables of course, but they haven’t affected the clothes she wears or anything – she still fits the same sized pants and everything.

My routine at the moment is this:
Nappies go into a dry nappy bucket. If it’s wet, I just fold it up and pop it in, if it’s dirty, I flush the liner, which nine times out of ten catches everything, fold it up and pop it in. What isn’t caught by the liner, I scrape off with some toilet paper and flush it too… any excess is easily washed off during the rinse cycle of the wash anyway.

After we’ve put Mayana to bed, Pete takes her nappy bucket to the laundry, pulls the soakers out of the nappies and puts all the nappies and wipes we’ve used on a rinse cycle. Before we go to bed, I put all nappy stuff into a zippered pillow-protector (acts as a giant sized laundry ‘delicates’ bag), add our clothes from the day (mine & Pete’s, not Mayana’s), put half a scoop of laundry powder in and do a full (cold) wash.

In the morning, Pete goes in to change Mayana, while I hang out the nappies and clothes. While Pete baths Mayana in the afternoons, I get the clothes in. I usually stuff the nappies as I take them off the line, and put them back into her change table shelf ready for the next day!

I haven’t even found it difficult when out.. I made myself a wetbag, just pop the nappies in there and deal with the mess when I get home.

I’m loving using pre-folds as my soakers, they dry so quickly—even the heavy weight bamboo.

We haven’t had one leak at all as yet (fingers crossed it stays that way).

I’m also finding that rather than making me feel snowed-under by washing, I’m actually keeping on top of my washing more than ever, since I’m doing it daily.

All in all, the only thing I wish is that I’d started it earlier!

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  1. I've just started following your blog and I must say this post has inspired me! I'm planning on using cloth and so many people are telling me how hard it's going to be so it's refreshing to read a real life account of how great it can actually be :)


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