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August 09 00313

Last night we used out very last disposable nappy! So from now on we are full time cloth nappy users. And we are such hippies that we are even using cloth wipes!

This is my stash:

* 2 fleece covers
* 6 terry fitteds
* 6 PUL covers
* 6 GreenKids one-size-fits-all pockets with bamboo soakers
* 9 home-made pockets with bamboo/hemp/microfiber soakers
* Stack of flannelette and cotton prefolds
* Stack of terry flats
We’ll mainly be using my home-made ones and the GreenKids.

I have about 30ish cloth wipes made of microfleece & flanelette, and I spray them with a mix of water, baby oil, baby lotion & baby soap (small amounts) to use them.

I also have a couple of rolls of flushable liners so poop disposal is easy!

We plan to wash every day at this point, but I have a feeling we could get away with every second day with this amount of nappies. We’ll see!

If I need to I will make myself some more pockets. I’ve worked out that it costs me around $4.50 per nappy, not including the material for the soakers. Pretty impressive considering they retail for $20-$30!!

I’m so determined to make this work full-time… wish me luck people!


  1. Good luck!
    Once you get into the swing of things it's pretty easy but it is nice to have some sposies on hand in case of sickness (yours or hers - it takes the burden out of washing but with your wonderful husband I'm sure you'll get it all done!)
    I put a load on in the evening after she's used her last nappy of the day and hang it out in the morning. It's pretty easy. But unfortunately I really do feel like the laundry is never done.
    Elena is wetting through two bamboo boosters in a bamboo lined pocket nappy so we are alternating 3 bamboo inserts & bamboo pockets with disposables every other day.... until we get another bamboo pocket nappy.
    You'll find what works and tweak as you go no doubt! :) Have fun.

  2. yay! what a great stash :) I use homemade microfleece liners in fitteds so they are easier to clean, but nappies lined with microfleece/microsuede etc dont need them which is a plus! I love washing and hanging mine out, and its quite relaxing to sit in front of the TV folding and stuffing nappies hehe!
    love your pockets you made!

    Cel :)

  3. Well done! Look I did MCN with 3 kids in nappies! It was truly easy to manage and I can't even begin to imagine the money we saved! You need to think of your stash as an investment.. Our favourites were bubblebubs AIOs and definitely our most favourite were very baby hybrids - they kept looking fantastic, very trim and never a leak!

    We did however used disposables at night as they were all heavy wetters and all cloth (even the designed night nappies) would disturb their sleep, and leak! But think about it - 21 nappies a week instead of 163? We could live with that!

    We're TT'd now, but I would do it all again if I had to!

    (PS Zoey can you email me @ re: BlogThis challange winning ASAP? Thanks xx)

  4. Good luck Zoey i do hope it works out well for you


Thank you!!


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