Tuesday, 11 August 2009

been making nappies!

Pocket nappies. With a PUL outer, suedecloth inner, and pretty cotton tabs. They will be stuffed with a combination of hemp, bamboo and microfibre absorbent inserts. I’m really happy with them, and proud of how much money I’ve saved! I’ve made four so far, and used less than $25 worth of materials.

I made my first two with gussets (the little elasticised inner leg bits that prevent escapes!)

pockets 00000pockets 00001

 pockets 00002 pockets 00004 pockets 00006


pockets 00008 pockets 00007

And my second pair are made without gussets.

pockets 00010pockets 00012 

How cute are they!


  1. You are so talented! If you ever decide to start selling...give me a shout


Thank you!!


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