Thursday, 27 August 2009

another Jonah day, or the day Mayana broke the car

Maybe not quite as bad as this one.. but still, I'm glad to see the tail end of it.

The day started off with hubby and I snapping at each other, cos he was stressed about his lesson plans for the day (he's on prac). He'd been up late trying to finish them off, his computer had crashed, he hadn't been able to find what he was looking for, and didn't think to ask for help. So anyway, we were just bickering all morning, and anyone who knows us knows that we don't bicker, or argue.

We had mostly gotten over it by the time I dropped him off at school, but it was still a yucky start to the morning.

Mayana went down really well for her morning sleep. The problem was she only slept for 20 minutes. And wouldn't go back to sleep despite me trying everything I could think of! She was sooo tired but just wouldn't give in. She kept sitting up and playing , or standing up in her cot. It's cute when she stands up in her cot, but the problem lies in the fact that once she stands up she can't figure out how to get down, and stands up and screams and bangs on the wall until I come and help her. That's not so cute. Anyway, I left her in there until the time I would have liked her to sleep to, but no more sleep was to be had. Any clues as to how to stop the whole standing up in the cot thing would be greatly appreciated.

We decided to get out of the house, so I packed up the nappy bag and off we went to the shops. That was all good. I was hoping the girl would have a sleep while we were out, but I was clearly dreaming. She was well behaved at least.

By the time we were done, it was only an hour or so until we had to pick Pete up, so I decided to go to the Japanese gardens and hang out on a picnic rug in the sun for a while. It was lovely. Really. Until we got to the part where Mayana broke the car. She was crawling around the picnic mat, when I looked up and there she was, sucking on my car keys. As soon as I realised I took them off her and put them away. But the damage was already done.

When we got back to the car, the central locking wasn't working. I wondered if maybe the key's batteries had died. Got Mayana in the car, keys in the ignition and... nothing. Fabulous. Everytime something goes wrong with the car, I'm on my own.

Got on to RACQ, who arrived surprisingly quickly. Car battery was fine, nothing seemed to be 'wrong' with the car. He asked if central locking was working. "No," I replied.

"Aaaaah". Apparently the immobiliser that works with the key had kicked in because the key wasn't working. I sheepishly asked if that could have anything to do with the fact that my baby had just sucked on it. He replied that it probably had everything to do with it. Apparently it's quite a common occurance. Oh dear.

By now Pete was there, and they fiddled with things trying to see if they could get the starter moter to override the immobiliser, but to no avail. Finally the RACQ guy says that we'll probably have to get the car towed, then use a hairdryer to dry out the key. Poo.

Before he organised that, he decided to give it just a couple more tries. And what do you know, on about the 4th try, the key worked, and the car turned on!!! Oh thank the Lord!

Suffice it to say, Mayana will NEVER be playing with my keys again.


  1. You forgot the part where you had to ring your mama, talk about your Jonah day, have a tear, listen to her tell you it'll be okay and that she loved you!!!! Love Mama.

  2. Oh No! What a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

    But as a side note, thanks for the tip :) Note to self: babies & car keys to do match

  3. Oh Zoey! What a day!!

    As for the standing up in the cot....they eventually tire of it. Both my girls would continually do it as soon as I'd put them in but after days of going back in, lying them down (and not talking to them while I did so) they eventually gave up!

    Hope you have a much better day today!



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