Tuesday, 29 April 2008

new friends

Last night, I went out for coffee with two 'strangers'. Not really strangers, they probably know more about me than many people who know me in real life. These are girls who are a part of a forum that I frequent. We tell each other all sorts of secrets online because the anonymity lets you.

So after living in this town for more than 2 years, the group of forum girls who live in Toowoomba finally got their acts together and organised a meet. Now these things are always a risk to attend - not because I'm scared of an axe murderer (I mean, that would be a committed axe murderer to join a wedding forum and build relationships for upwards of 3 years), but because the computer persona of a person is often very different to the real life one. There is the risk that in real life, you will have nothing in common, the conversation will lag, and everyone will have one thought on their mind... "a.w.k.w.a.r.d!"

Last night, fortunately, this was not the case. We got along famously. We drank hot chocolate and ate decadent cakes and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked. We started talking at about 7.15, and only paused to look at the time when Peter sent me a message at 9.50. We kind of got kicked out of the cafe because Toowoomba closes early on weeknights (actually on all nights), that was at about 10.10, and I didn't get home till about 10.40!

It was SO great. I can't believe I've been living right near these girls for the last 2 years, and never met them. I've been missing out on some great friendships.

I'm really looking forward to meeting again, (and convincing the other few Toowoomba girls to come to the next meet).

I love making new friends.


  1. Hey it's great to hear you are getting out and about! What do all these other girls do? Is that the same coffee shop that Lisa took you to? Is Pete going to update his prac blog?

  2. Hi Zoey
    So good to know you all got on so well. Sounds like you had a great time with some long-standing friendships in the making too.
    Love MumAnn
    PS Did you get Chicki's comment on your engagement blog?

  3. Zoey, I'm glad it went well. Sometimes those meetings can be real nightmares.

    I see from your profile that you're a follower of Jesus Christ. So am I. I've been born again for 30 years now, and He's my best friend.

    Cute blog!


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