Friday, 18 April 2008

cool huh....

Pete and I have been looking for battery operated salt and pepper grinders for ages. They are Sooooo expensive - we haven't really seen any for under $30.00 each.

Well anyway, yesterday we were wandering through Target, when we saw these beauties. You wouldn't even read about it.. pink and green battery operated salt and pepper grinders! (In case you've been living under a rock, pink and green are *my* colours). So we took a look at the price tag: $10.00 each!!!! Sweet!!

Even better... when we got to the cash register, they scanned at $6.99!

I love bargains


  1. I am soooo happy for you zoey!!!! finding you dream salt and pepper grinders brings a tear to my eye. this is a true story of pure determination, perseverance and good old Australian spirit, you are a true Australian hero, i take my hat off you to you.

    I love you zoey :D

  2. they are pretty cool, i now how hard it is to get electric grinders, when i was in home i got asked for them all the time and never had them, and when we did there were like $60. to find two that are "your" colours and only $7 is amazing (as a said before :P)
    anyways im off to work so i will comment ya later

    lots love

  3. Wow!! Bargain city heh? Blessing your way big time!! And your colours too. Even better.
    Hugs to you both


Thank you!!


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