Saturday, 19 April 2008

I have to say

To the world in general.. and to Karlos, because I know you're reading this...

Karlos is one of my most favourite people ever. I mean it.
He is just the best friend, and one of the sweetest, most supportive & encouraging, generous, kind, (and every other positive adjective that you can imagine) people in my life.

Being with him always makes me happy, he gives great hugs, and is so great to talk to.

He always comments on my blog, and every time I read his comments, I say out loud, "I love Karlos.. he's the best.. he's so cool" (honestly, you can even ask Pete). He always make me smile.

I love how he loves our whole family and gets along with every single one of us, separately and together - and actually ENJOYS our loudness and craziness and silliness. Seriously, if you know the Buma's, that is a big deal.

He is a total inspiration to me because he always seems so cool and calm and collected, and I have never heard him say anything bad about anyone. He has such a mature head on his shoulders and I value his opinions highly. I can talk to him any time about anything, and I know that he wouldn't judge.

I love how much he loves Jesus. Also very inspirational.

Karlos: I'm so glad we met you and that you are in my life. You are honestly one of my best friends and I value you and your friendship more than you could ever know.

Thank you.

Zoey xxxxx

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  1. Thank you soo much Zoey, you just made my week, year... life

    to know that some one can love me that much well im just speechless.

    I just have to say
    that Zoey Friend would have to be one of the most beautiful person i have ever met, to have some one like you im my life (and your family who are just the best, seriously you have like the best family ever) is like god giving me my birthday and Christmas pressies for like all eternity all on the day, every day. you guys make me feel so happy to be around, just like an extended family the way you have well adopted me, you would have to be the most bestest big sister ever i mean ever. to have people in my life that love Jesus soooo much and love each other soooo much is a real wake up call. im struggling to put how i feel into words.... but just know that you guys have changed my life, for taking me to agmf and every thing else you do from taking me to church on Sunday night and inviting me over to watch a movie (alexie choses the best movies ever) just brightens my week (this happens every week)

    and i love commenting on your blog cuz you always have kool and fun stuff to say and well this kinda tops it,

    im going away tomorrow and don't know when i can get access to the net so dont be sad if i dont comment too much for the next two weeks





Thank you!!


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