Monday, 14 April 2008


is starting prac today...

He only has one day this week - it's a makeup day because he will be in the middle of prac for the Anzac day holiday. So he goes in for one day today and then starts for real next week (for 2 weeks).

Today there will be no kids at school... it's a PD day. I think it will be good because it will give him a chance to get to know his teacher a bit without the pressure of the kids there. He might also be able to get a seating plan with the kid's names so that he can get to know them before he arrives.

Anyway... I feel nervous for him. I definitely can't help him with this one!!

He'll be great.. he's got little grade one kids at one of the best state schools in Toowoomba. He's so good with the littlies.

GO PETE! You're going to rock babe.

Ps. Pete is starting a prac blog... if you want to read it, go to: Pete's Prac Blog


  1. good luck pete you will rock there socks off!

    Grade 1ns that will be so much fun
    good luck pete

  2. Go Pete!! Thanks for posting this Zoey. Great idea to share with us all. You're the best. The kiddielets will love to see them when they come home. xoxoxox


Thank you!!


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