Saturday, 19 April 2008


Today I finished my hibiscus cross stitch!!!!

Before we get into the pics, a few fast facts:
  • This cross stitch has 140 x 140 squares.
  • All together that is 19,600 crosses
  • Meaning that I made 39,200 stitches (!!!!)
No wonder I'm so proud of it.

Now the pics:

Pete took this commemorative photo of my last stitch (he insisted on doing it just for my blog - he's so into it - even if he doesn't read it).

And the final product:

Isn't it beautiful. Now I just have to frame it. I thought about making it into a cushion cover but don't want to risk it getting wrecked -. i don't know, will keep thinking on that one.

Now to my next project. You may remember me posting about a new project I have in mind. Well I've moved onto that - but with one small change. Instead of duplicating the one pattern (the heart) I have made my own patterns by looking at the (very small) photos of the other patterns in that range. I have a star, some flowers, two types of butterflies, and a couple of other things that I can't remember and couldn't be bothered looking for right now.

So here is the second piece of my quilt-to-be:

Will post more as they're made!

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  1. the hibiscus is beutiful zoey, looks as good as a painting, and to do that by stitching....

    you are of many talents :D

    good luck and happy stitching for future projects
    lots love


Thank you!!


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