Friday, 2 May 2008

Totally slack

and I apologise. I haven't done my card for last week. I have it all planned. It will be ANZAC day themed. I've been really busy this week, getting assignments done etc. while Pete's on prac. I start prac next week, and I'm REALLY looking forward to it.

I'm SO tired. I'm not sure why but I just can't seem to wake up properly this week! I"ve been sleeping well but still wake up sleepy. blah.

Pete has LOVED prac. He's feeling totally confirmed in what he wants to do. He's had such fun and has really enjoyed teaching and getting to know the kids. He has, however, been a very slack blogger. Worse than me!

I"m doing a miroteaching lesson today. I thoroughly believe microteaching lessons are designed merely to humiliate. I have to pretend to teach 8 of my classmates, who will be pretending to be 5 and 6 year old grade 1 students. I have a great lesson plan organised though. Luckily I did drama in highschool - I'm an old-hand at getting into character.. lol.
Actually, that entire class is an excuse to humiliate. A few weeks ago, our teacher had us squatting and clucking, pretending to be chickens. AND she makes us SIT on the FLOOR!!! Seriously! I guess a huge chunk of being a good teacher is losing all your inhibitions. Maybe this course aims to do that, because it doesn't really fullfill it's intentions of teaching us about literacy!

My family is coming for the weekend. They'll be here thisafternoon, and I'll be at uni sitting on the carpet pretending to be a chook again probably. Geez.
They're coming here because we're running away from a wedding that we don't want to go to.. hehe. And also because it's my dad's birthday on Sunday so we're going to do something special... called buffet breakfast and visit to a winery.. mmmmm. It will be a good day.

I should probably go.. I'm once again living up to my title, I should be getting dinner ready (cooking butter chicken in the slow cooker) or having a shower or eating lunch or something. Instead I'm blogging while watching Gilmore Girls. How great is my life!

Later Gaze...

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