Saturday, 19 April 2008

So cool...

Up the road from us, there used to be this really cool second hand shop. It had heaps of the kind of stuff I remember seeing in my Great Granny's kitchen - really retro/vintage-y kind of stuff. But... it closed down. So sad.

However.. recently, the little shop has just CRAFT SHOP!!!

It is similar to the Mundubbera craft shop 'Lemon Jo's' (for those who are familiar) in that it sells all sorts of craft things from patchwork to scrapbooking to embroidery... it's very exciting for someone like me.. hehe.

And as if that's not exciting enough, while we were in there checking things out, I somehow worked up the courage to ask the lady if she would be interested in selling some of jewellery. She said yes! So I have to take some of my stuff in for her to have a look at, and it will work on a 15%-20% commission basis, which is totally fine with me. How exciting to maybe get my stuff in a SHOP! I'm very much looking forward to it.

I was going to take it down today, but I have a cold and didn't want to be sick when I'm supposed to be in 'business' mode. So I will do it on Tuesday as she is closed on Monday.

I'll let you know how it goes!

Zoey x


  1. you just have to love the way god works sometimes. to get "your" sort of shop so close and to have them sell your jewelery :D

    beautiful things happen to beautiful people

    lots of love

  2. i was telling mum about this and she suggested to talk about doing beading classes there, the people would have to get their beads from the shop so it could work, just a suggestion


Thank you!!


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