Monday, 21 April 2008

Prac widow

yup pete's started prac for real.

So I get to sit at home alone every day for 2 weeks.

He came home a happy boy - really enjoyed his day.

And I made him his favourite dessert - rice pudding. It was pretty good, but not quite up to his Nan's level... give me time though, it's only the first time I've ever made it! I made little individual rice puddings and served them with tinned mango. Yumbo.

I also had a REALLY boring class, which was made worse because it was so cold in that classroom and no one can figure out how to turn the air-conditioner down, let alone off. And I have a bad cold. And I hate colds and I hate being sick and I hate boring lectures where the lecturer basically reads of the slides (apart from the parts where he completely side-tracks himself away from what the lecture is supposed to be actually about). Plus it was my first day back at uni after the holidays ... which weren't long enough.

Tomorrow I'm having a group meeting for an assignment at my house. It won as a location because I have a coffee machine.... means I don't have to leave the house and Pete can take the car to prac which is good because he has to go really early because they have a staff meeting - which by the way is the best idea - to have a staff meeting in the morning I mean. "Why??" I hear you ask... well I'll tell you why. At my prac school last year, staff meetings were held after school, and some had been known to drag on to as late as - and no joke, one of the teachers fell asleep at every one.. At Pete's prac school, they start the meeting at 8am, one house before the school day starts.. meaning they HAVE to finish by 9am! Brilliant. Seriously. If you'd ever been to a school staff meeting you'd understand.

Oh, and don't take my word about Pete's loving prac. Read about it yourself!

Later gaze (as in, gazing/looking at you... meaning see you later... people don't usually get it when I say that so I'm explaining this once for your benefit. If I ever say it again and you don't get it-- not my problem!)

Ps. I'm not as grumpy as this post might make me sound. lol.


  1. Your rice pud sounds great and with mango - even better. Nan will get a real buzz out of your comment.
    Your stitching is beautiful.
    I don't blame your group for choosing your place. They will be welcomed there with love as anyone who visits is, and the coffee is just a bonus.
    Have fun
    Love MumAnn

  2. Hey. I just read about your meet with the forum girls. Well Done! I looked at Pete's blog and there's nothing new on there since last Wednesday? I'm really kenn to hear about the rest of his week!!! Love you guys.


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