Sunday, 14 December 2008

Baby Shower

I had such a lovely day yesterday. Mum and my sisters did such a great job at organising everything , and I felt very spoilt.

Everyone started arriving at around 2pm, and Peter and "the boys" (ie my brother, and any other boyfriend or husband whose better half was at my party) went off to play golf and go to the beach, which Pete had always wanted to do as his own 'baby shower'.

We had set up what will be bub's bassinet (was also used by my Nanna's sisters, my mum and her siblings, and me and my siblings) and put out gifts that people who weren't able to make my shower had given me in the last few weeks.

Our mountain of gifts, and my cool heirloom bassinet

While we were waiting for everyone to arrive, my sisters got everyone drinks and caught up with each other. Then it was time for food! The table was full of all sorts of goodies, from blue and pink cupcakes, to meringues, a fruit platter, and my friend Michelle's incredibly delicious 4 layer dip (of which I ate at least 1/4 of the tray on my own!!! - the baby loves it :P ). My mum had concoccted the yummiest drink: lemonade, cranberry juice and frozen raspberries... mmmmmm. Once we had stuffed ourselves full we rolled back into the lounge to begin the games.

Each of us had to pick a little tag out of a bag, and there were a number of different little pictures (bibs, bottles, rattles etc) and you had to find the people who had the same tag as you to form teams. The games were as follows:

1) Each person had to write a baby-related problem and solution. These were then put into two separate bags, and I had to randomly choose one from each bag and read them out. Of course, they were all mixed up and we had some very funny combinations.

For example:
Problem: Pete begins to feel unloved and second best...
Solution: Have spare clothes not only for baby but for you!!! And a huge packet of wet ones.

Problem: Bright yellow poo leaks out of bub's nappy and all over baby and you...
Solution: Give baby to Grandma.

Mum's gorgeous god-daughter Kelsie(4) took this game very seriously. She helped me read out her problems and solutions.

2) The lemonade sippy-cup scull. 1 person from each team raced to finish their sippy cup first. It was very funny, and Michelle won by miles, and then did the most massive burp ever, lol. So ladylike.

Michelle, victorious!

3) The dummy spit. 1 person from each team had a dummy which they had to spit. The person who got the furtherest won! My mum participated in that one, but didn't win lol.

Mum about to spit the dummy

4) 2 people from each team had to play, one was the feeder and one was the taster. There were 4 different baby foods, and the tasters had to guess what was being fed to them. I think the flavours ended up being caramel custard, pumpkin and sweet corn, banana custard and beef and veg. Not many people guessed right, and lots of funny faces were pulled. I have been told that I must make my own baby food when the time comes, as it would be cruel to feed that to a baby.

Clearly this one tasted very yummy!

My Nanna liked the sweet ones...

After that I opened the mountain of presents people had brought. It was incredible and I was very blessed. I really don't think I have that much left to buy at all. We were even given a beautiful really good quality lambskin, which we had really wanted but weren't sure we could afford. And one of those baby play mat/gyms.... too cute. Most of what we got was very practical and so appreciated.

Bubby will be wearing this shirt A LOT!

It was such a lovely afternoon, I really enjoyed spending time with friends. It made me want to go home and finish off bubby's room! I tell you what, the cupboard in there is going to be totally bursting at the seams once we get all of this stuff in there! I can't believe that it's only 4 and a half weeks until we'll be meeting our little one. I so can't wait.


  1. hey baby, looks like you all had fun
    love PJ

  2. Hi Zoey! That is so cool that your bubby gets to use the same bassinet as you - my girls got to use mine too and soon I'll be passing it on to Louise. Speaking of which, thanks for all the baby game tips, I'm organising Louise's soon, so I've jotted down some ideas :) Jess xo


Thank you!!


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