Friday, 28 November 2008

My clever Nana

Made me this AWESOME nappy bag. In my favourite colours. With LOTS of pockets. I love it. And I don't care if my husband has to carry a pink bag or if my baby is a boy. It is, after all, MY accessory, not theirs :P :P

How cool is it???

It also came packed full with all of these little goodies.... no prizes for guessing what sex my Nana thinks the baby is :P :P

Thanks Nana!! Love you...


  1. Question is does your Nana know? Have you let it slip? I have been quite convinced you were having a little girl... but I have been known to be very wrong - was so sure Isabelle was a boy until we looked and there was nothing there! Beautiful nappy bag too! Can see where you inherited your creativity from :) Jess xo

  2. Hehe Nope! Nana doesn't know. It's funny, pretty much everyone except for my Nana and Pete's Nana think that bub is a girl... lol.
    Zoey :)


Thank you!!


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