Sunday, 30 November 2008

The Cruise and other adventures

We had a great night last night! *Most* people came dressed up, and we had some great costumes there, including the Flintstones, Danny & Sandy from 'Grease', Austin Powers, and many more.
It was a lovely time together, with lots of laughs in a great setting.
Some pics!!!
Pete (The Cast Away) and I (Wilson!!)

Alexie (Elle Woods - Legally Blonde)

Jordan (Napoleon Dynamite)

Lockey ('Drover' - Australia), Bethanie (Tinkerbelle - Peter Pan)

If you would like to see more pics, have a look on my facebook I have uploaded all the pics from the night!

So yes, that part of the night was brilliant... the end however, not so great. That was when I slipped walking off the boat and ended up falling not-so-gracefully to the ground. I'm not quite sure what happened, I think my shoes were just slippery on the slightly wet surface and my feet came out from under me. My ankle bent in a strange direction and my knee went under me, but I managed to slide myself backwards and mostly land on my hip and bum - belly was safe!

I felt like SUCH a goose. I was in so much pain from my ankle, and was of course concerned about bubby. Everyone came around me and helped me up and got me to a park bench and someone got ice. Everyone was asking if bubby was okay. Once I was seated bubby started kicking around which was a relief, but I was in so much pain with my ankle. After a while Pete got me to the car, and we decided we'd better go to the hospital to get my foot checked. By then I was starting to hurt in my knee, wrist, elbow, hip and tail bone also.
We were very lucky because no one was in the emergency room when we got there so we got straight in to the triage nurse who took all my BP (unsurprisingly sky-high), temp etc. and then checked bubby's heartbeat which was completely fine (Thank you Jesus!!!). I only had to wait about 5 minutes to see the doctor. He (who by the way looked like a not-buff version of Arnold Schwarzenegger) had a good play with my foot which was agony (it was about twice it's usual size by then), but said that he doesn't believe there's a break, and would rather not do x-rays because of bubby - which is fine with me! He said it's quite badly sprained, strapped it all up and provided crutches. I'm not supposed to use it for at least 2 days and have to take it very easy for 2 weeks!
Crutches and 7.5 month pregnant belly are not a good combination let me tell you... but I'll cope. I'm just glad bub's okay and that I didn't fall any more awkwardly!

So yes, very eventful evening.. but still had fun in spite of all of that. Am very very sore and stiff today. Falling over SUCKS!!!!

Ooh and on a much happier note, I have my hubby back!!!!



He no longer has a need for the fuzzy Cast Away look, so he has SHAVED! Woot. I can kiss him again. He is such a spunk without all that fluff on his face, and it was driving him insane anyway. He looks so much younger and hotter clean-shaven... *sigh*.
Okay, off to give him a smooch... lol.


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  1. Really glad bubba is okay after ur fall. Hope ur ankle gets better soon



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