Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Embarrassing/Silly Wedding Photos

I was reading a thread of embarrassing wedding photos on a wedding forum I frequent, so decided to look for some of my own. Ooh we had a few :P Thought I'd share. Maybe later I'll do a post with some of my favourite wedding photos.

Me and Papa pre-wedding. Clearly, I take after my Pop, who is incapable of shutting up for long enough to pose for a photo :P

My family and I (apart from Jordan my brother who was getting ready with Pete). I promise you we were all very excited and happy about this wedding!

I was seriously over smiling by this point, plus my feet were killing me and I had a major over-tired headache - (Penny was finding me neurofen as I posed :P )

Seriously Hon, I really don't think I was *that* heavy!!!!

This photo is slightly concerning - the way my brother-in-law keeps his face so calm and collected as he attempts to strangle my brother :P :P


  1. Lol! love it. haha. I have one pic where one of my bridesmaids heads is hidden from another groomsmen. lol. it would've been sooo nice but oh well.

  2. awesome, that was 6 year ago! nice and funny pics, especially ur bro about to be strangled!

  3. These pictures are very cute, but that’s definitely a catchy heading. I will also think something like this for my blog. I am writing one about my sister’s wedding. Oh! Her wedding was just amazing, it is unforgettable and was in a very beautiful event space San Francisco.


Thank you!!


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