Thursday, 4 December 2008

Baby Checkup

All good :)
My blood pressure was a little higher than last week, but still good at 130/83. Bub's heartbeat is still sitting on 140bpm, and bubby is still sitting head down (but I could have told you that anyway!!!). Apparently there is still room for bub to grow upwards - but I beg to differ (lol)!!!

I'm feeling very sore today from sitting in one position sewing all day yesterday (will post a pic of what I made later). My hips and back are paying for it today so I'm going to spend today with my feet up! Thank the Lord for air conditioning by the way... the heat is totally sucking!

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  1. Hi Zoey I just caught up on all your news. It is the first time I have got to a computer since we left. Good to read all is well. I pray your ankle is all ok now? I smiled with your grumbling of hot weather. We have just left lovely weather in the Cook Islands and this week we have had snow and -16C
    today at Tante Ilse's!! Caleb and Ezra have loved the snow though. A new experience for me. Oom Olaf has even driven on the roads in snow and the wrong side for us. Too confusing for me! Keep well. Blessings Tante Kerry XXOO


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