Friday, 28 November 2008

Fancy Dress

So on Saturday we are going to a youth break up party: A cruise on the Catalina along the Noosa River! Very much looking forward to it. We have to dress up as a character from a movie.

My darling husband decided to use this as an excuse not to shave for a fortnight and is going as Tom Hank's character from Castaway. It is backfiring as the heat is making his prickly face very itchy, and the frequency of kisses has been significantly decreased in the last week, but he is persevering.

So anyway, I ummed and aah-ed over what I should go as.. me with my 33 week pregnant bump. The obvious was Juno, and we discussed Princess Fiona (Shrek 2), either the mum or daughter from Father of the Bride II, Virgin Mary, Paulette from Legally Blonde... none of them jumped out at me. Until someone from a forum I visit suggested Wilson. You know, Wilson, the volleyball from Castaway. Perfect!!! So, I am (or rather bubby-bump is) going as Wilson. And I have pictures. Would you like to see???

I have sewed another layer of 'feathers' on, and I'm going to paint over the face so it looks more like blood and less like permanent marker, but it's pretty cool huh??

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